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The Nefarium Chronicles

In which I confirm that the Legend of the Nefarium is true! And all the details of these dastardly Shadows that distort the human Love Light are revealed. 

In which I outline the Divine Magical Powers that we will bring with us on a Quest to Vanquish the Nefarium! The Creonite Sword, The Siegruncy Orb and the Rindilicious Charm! These magical powers will defeat the Nefarium totally and absolutely. 

In which I introduce the Quotient Crystal, aka “Que Stone.” And I explain how this fascinating, high-vibrational interdimensional matter allows us to travel through space, time and dimension! 

In which we discuss the Insidium Nefarium, Self-Love, Inner Knowing and my Sister Goddess, Vivacia's Golden Light Mirror.

In which I tell you all of the details about what it means to be a Mastermind, like Zeleni. 

In which the story of  the Grand Love Affair between The Mastermind and The Goddess is revealed.

In which we examine  the essential dance between the Love Light and The Nefarium.

In which we consider the immense power of clarity and the illuminating assistance of The Skeythonite Angels.

Where we discover the True Nature of the Earth Plane and we part ways, my Beloved.

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