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Chronicle #5

Goddess Anaïs Electra - Anaïs Electra

The Insidium Nefarium and The Golden Light Mirror


My Darling! I want to tell you about the Insidium Nefarium. The Insidium Nefarium are the absolute most devious of all Nefarium and their treachery knows no bounds, my Love! 


Do you remember The Nefarium, Honey? If not, see Chronicle #2 my darling!


The Insidium are considered VERY specialized Nefarium which infiltrate human minds when humans are very young. These devious Nefarium use what is called “Insidium Mirrors” in their craft to refract the Love Light and create frightening holographic shadows in human consciousness. The main directive of the Insidium is to distort the purity and direction of the human’s Love Light, create shadows and guide the human to forget what it ever felt like to love the Self.  


You see my darling, all humans are very well equipped with immense Self-Love when they are born! They love their own selves, they are devoted to their Inner Knowing, and they are enjoying their life experience very much! 


But after the Insidium Nefarium infiltrate the human, a direct attack on Self-Love and Inner Knowing is deployed and, before long, the human has forgotten almost completely what it feels like to Love the Self, and has lost connection with that Inner Knowing. The Insidium Mirrors are shadow mirrors and the Insidium Nefarium are they themselves Shadows. So you can imagine, my Love, the confusion and distress that must prevail once the Insidium Nefarium carry out their plans.


After this happens, the human child feels so very vulnerable and starts to look outside the Self for validation, signs of approval and Love Light shone from others. This inclination takes on so many various forms. But the common thread is a needing, longing, to feel good. That desire actually has nothing to do with anything external and seeking for good feeling externally remains elusive and fleeting into adulthood. The longing and desire to feel the Love Light is solely the human longing to reconnect with their own Love Light within! The longing is intense and valid because connection to the Love Light within is so vital for the human to live their Authentic Essence! Until the human is reconnected to their Love Light, so much of life experience is an illusion, a distortion, “smoke and mirrors” and Shadows of the Insidium Nefarium.


A special magical object I am bringing with me from Zeleni’s Cove is the Golden Light Mirror. Any human that looks into it will immediately be free from the Insidium Nefarium! In the instant that human gazes into the Golden Light Mirror, they are immediately reconnected to their Love Light! For the first time since childhood, they see themselves for who they really are: BRILLIANT, BEAUTIFUL, RADIANT, LOVABLE AND LOVING CREATURES. Creative, innovative, clever, fun and frisky with access to the greatest intelligence possible - right inside their Love Light! In that moment, they remember their true nature and the Insidium Nefarium can do NOTHING about it. They must retreat from the human swiftly and absolutely. 


In this image above you see my sister Goddess Vivacia. She is the Goddess of Unconditional Love and Nurturing! And she is the Creatrix and keeper of the Golden Light Mirror. She is bestowing it to me for our Quest to Liberate all Human Love Lights from the Nefarium and create the Love Lights Ablaze Vortex. 


Darling, you and I together with our beautiful love, along with our powerful magical objects (The Golden Light Mirror, the Creonite Sword, the Siegruncy Orb and the Rindalicous Charm), and Zeleni’s masterminding, we shall have tremendous success vanquishing the Nefarium! We shall liberate all Human Love Lights, my darling! I love you so much. I’m so excited for our Grand Adventure! 

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