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Chronicle #6

Goddess Anaïs Electra - Anaïs Electra

My Love! I want to tell you about Zeleni, the Mastermind. 


Zeleni is very self-assured and self-possessed, my darling. This is because he has eradicated any presence of the Nefarium within his consciousness, utterly and completely. His intellect is very sharp, rational, logical, skillful. 


This may not sound like much, my Love, but many humans deeply doubt themselves due the Shadows of The Nefarium in their minds. You would be astonished how dramatically The Nefarium clouds the mind, distorts what is true, and ultimately decreases intelligence, my darling. So not only is The Nefarium responsible for making people less intelligent, but because humans are unaware of it, the humans see the results of their actions and they feel very displeased with themselves. They do not realize that they are taking actions based on faulty information. And as they see the consequences of their actions the humans feel inadequate, vulnerable, and increasingly disempowered with life-dealings. 


Zeleni is empowered, competent, capable, successful at almost anything he endeavors. And in the rare case he is not successful, he slyly smiles and then swiftly vanishes into thin air! Zeleni then retreats, regroups, recalculates and plans anew based on the information gleaned from the failed mission. That is learning, my love! Zeleni is always learning. The Nefarium never want humans to learn so that they can always keep firm footing in control of the human Love Light. 


Another thing about Zeleni is that he has comprehensive Focus on his mission, AT ALL TIMES. “Focus is essential!” Zeleni always says. He doesn’t deal in distractions. He keeps his eye on the prize and goes after his objective with penetrating Focus and a strong will. 


Zeleni is very polite, very gracious, yet he is also the ultimate rule-beaker. Oh he is aware of the rules, but he deftly works around them when it’s required for his mission. Do you know why this is, my Love? You see, so many rules are really just guidelines. Humans under the influence of the Nefarium don’t understand this. And, as I mentioned previously, humans feel disillusioned with their lack of successful endeavors in life. Therefore, these humans rely on rules and seldom question or challenge them due to feeling inadequate and fearful. And The Nefarium loves to keep humans feeling this way. For pushing past rules is ALWAYS required if a human is to regain control of their Love Light. Seeing through rules, societal constructs, social conditioning and following True Inspiration is the path to all successes for humans. 

True Inspiration is key, my love! Do you know the feeling of being Inspired? Feeling Inspired is so very important, my darling. Inspiration is actually a signal from the mind of God, which is Infinite Intelligence that transcends time, space and dimension. Infinite Intelligence can see all: everything past, everything present, everything future. If you have access to Infinite Intelligence, you can accomplish ANYTHING you desire. And Infinite Intelligence signals humans through the feeling of INSPIRATION. And Inspiration streams directly to the Love Light! So you can see, my love, how very valuable it is to recognize and follow Inspiration, regardless of rules. And Zeleni has been doing that for a very long time. 


A few final words about Zeleni, my darling. He never lies, but he knows he doesn’t have to reveal everything that is true. He is an aesthete and has an eye for exceptional beauty. He is kind, charming, articulate and elegant. So you can understand how he was brilliant enough to find and captivate me, the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure! He and I make an unstoppable team! And now even more so that you are with us, my Darling Love. I love you!

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