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Backstage with Aria

Sometimes Beloveds ask me, "who is the real aria?" or, "why are you doing this?" For that reason, I decided to make a video about it. This video is called "The real aria" and depicts my true every day life and outlines the reasons for my arts. warning: there is tasteful nudity. 18+ only please. my life definitely involves a great deal of nude frolicking!

A creative evening of fun involves a few components.

1) beautifying 2) dancing 3) dressing up and playing make believe. And art emerges. Here is an example of a recent evening of fun. I hope you enjoy watching! I appreciate sharing the inner workings with you.

Song: Mirador by efterklang

Backstage Peek: This is what it's like to film my arts

Filming for Chronicle #9: Skeythonite Angelic Beings. Not so very glamorous, right?

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