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Boutique Erotica Videos

Peek Me Teaser - Anaïs Electra
Peaches and Cream - Anaïs Electra
Date Night - Anaïs Electra
Erotic Hypnotic Love - Anaïs Electra
Sky Tryst - Anaïs Electra

Song: Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, The Police

Sometimes a challenging life experience can let you know who and what you are. I know who and what I am now. This video is homage to me! And it's my favorite artwork to date, my present masterpiece.

Channel Three
Peacock and Vixen Peacock and Vixen for K
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Sheer Delight
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The Queen's Bed 2

SONG: Cello Song by Nick Drake

SONG: Summerland by william

Grant Still 

SONG: As the World Falls Down, DAvid Bowie

SONG: Every little thing she does is magic by The Police

SONG: As the World Falls Down, DAvid Bowie

SONG: What is and What should Never Be, Led Zeppelin

SONG: Reflections in Water, Debussy

SONG: Pretty Thoughts, Alina Baraz and Galamatias

SONG: Shasta - Trinity, Jesse Gallagher

After a break, I returned to social media this past week. Here is a selection of the stories I posted. Hopefully, moving forward, I will appear to remain within the parameters of social media "community guidelines"! 

SONG: Clouds At My Feet by Locust

SONG: Go off  by M.I.A.

SONG: Ivy by Frank Ocean

SONG: What's the Use by Mac Miller

SONG: Hold ON by The Internet

SONG: Stay by Mac Miller

SONG: Girl by The Internet

SONG: Tadow by Masego and FKJ

Indigo Dream

From the Skeythonite Angelic presence allegory, which I just finished writing. My tech assistant will provide a link soon. But it's Chronicle #9 if you want to find it on this site presently.