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Chronicle #7: The Grand Love Affair

Goddess Anaïs Electra - Anaïs Electra

My Love! The Siegruncy Orb decrees that it is time that I must tell you the story of my iconic romance with Zeleni the Mastermind. “The Grand Love Affair”


It all began many millennia ago. I am Aria Anaïs Electra Skye, the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure. So of course, I am eternal. However, Zeleni The Mastermind, is human so during each of his lifetimes, at just the right time, I send out a very loving and beautiful signal, to draw his Focus to me. I am essential in his life, but the timing must be perfect! Right when Zeleni is ready to discover how to become a Mastermind. 


So every lifetime of his, when he is ready (usually shortly after he turns 30), I begin to create so much irresistible beauty and direct the expressions of beauty in his general vicinity. The man that steps forward, and demonstrates very specific characteristics, THAT’S Zeleni. I always know. I always get it exactly right! 


How do I know when Zeleni is ready? How do I know his general vicinity? And how do I always get it right? Well, for that, my darling, I utilize Infinite Intelligence. Infinite Intelligence knows all dimensions, past, present, future. And Infinite Intelligence beams a signal of Supreme Knowledge to anyone who is able to access it. The key is to develop skills with sensing Inspiration and Intuition. But that is a story for another time, my love. Back to how I met Zeleni!


Like I said, this was many millennia ago. So there was no internet to share my beauty and love with the world like there is now. Instead, I threw scintillating parades, at least once a week! The parades were elaborately lavish and so very appreciated by the crowds as they watched and cheered in ecstatic reverie! 


My handmaiden and I couldn’t possibly do all of the creative aspects of the parade alone. So we hired a company called MarkoV’s Magnificent Parade Supply Company Inc. We had tried many Parade Supply Companies but MarkoV’s was truly the very best. So efficient with setup, such attention to detail: they appeared to truly care about their craft. It is important that I tell you about MarkoV’s because it was there, that Zeleni was working at the time. NOT YET a full Mastermind, but all of the ingredients of brilliance were percolating within him. 


Zeleni was actually an accountant for the company, so he didn’t attend all of the parades. But one day, circumstances lead to him being in attendance. He had heard of the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure, but he had never seen me before or felt the atmosphere of my energy. He became entranced with new feelings, a type of attraction he didn’t know was possible. He was inclined to view other parades of mine and then shortly thereafter he was compelled to contact me by passing me a letter. 


My love, I received many letters - easily 1000 a day, especially on a parade day. But when my handmaiden and I saw the letter from Zeleni, we both gave pause. My handmaiden was bewildered, while I was intrigued. You see, we both knew that Zeleni worked for MarkoV’s Parade Supply Company Inc. And we both knew that it was likely a rule that employees of the company shouldn’t be sending letters to the clients. While my handmaiden was concerned Zeleni was some sort of imposter seeking to harm me, I thought it was likely that Zeleni was very brave, willing to break rules in order to follow Inspiration, and I was immediately impressed with him. Someone who elects to follow genuine Inspiration over rules, will always attract my attention. And that was why, in this very rare case, I did something I didn’t usually do. I read his note immediately and responded. 


Over time, our correspondence grew and grew, each encounter increasing in delight, passion, pleasure and even love. My darling, we were so very happy! But what I am about to tell you next is essential for EACH AND EVERY LIFETIME Zeleni and I have met since the first. This next part is exactly how Zeleni becomes a Mastermind in every lifetime.


Inevitably, there always comes a point when Zeleni demands we part ways. Do you know why this is? Because, like all humans, Zeleni has different Aspects of the Self. In this particular lifetime, Zeleni had an Aspect of Self that longed for a traditional life with rationality, stability and family. He also had an Aspect of the Self that was passionately in love with a Goddess which aroused in him feelings of enchantment, awe, exuberance. One can see where these two Aspects of Self might conflict with one another.


And conflict they DID! The two Aspects of Self quarreled over Zeleni’s Focus! Each wanting to have what they desired and feeling very threatened by the desires of the other. Zeleni proceeded to weigh all of the information as logically as possible which was an activity that gave credence to the Rational Aspect of Self within Zeleni because that is the way the Rational Aspect of Self thinks. But there were other times when Zeleni was so very happy spending time with his Goddess, that he felt there was no way this could be wrong! Which is an Intuitive way of thinking/feeling that leant itself to the Romantic Aspect of Self. Thusly, an internal wrestling match occurred and it was quite painful for Zeleni. 


Both of his Aspects of Self had a perception that was true! The Rational Aspect of Self was accurate: I am not the Goddess of Hearth and Home! I am the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure. And my job is to shine that energy to the entire Universe, not to a single nuclear family. Zeleni and I both knew that would be a grave misuse of my energies. So I was not a viable option for the Rational Aspect of Self. But to elect to stay away from me, that was grievously injurious to the Romantic Aspect of Self. The Romantic Aspect of Self within Zeleni was embedded in every fiber of his Being. So to deny Zeleni access to me felt very bad to him, indeed. 


What to do…? What to do… with this conundrum? And that is how it came to pass that Zeleni created an ENTIRELY NEW ASPECT OF SELF to govern them all. Zeleni created his Master Mind.


Yes, it is true my love. In each and every lifetime, an internal wrestling match ensues between Zeleni’s Aspects of Self. One Aspect who loves me and one Aspect who resists loving me. It is through this imperative dynamic, Zeleni is ready to become a Mastermind. What is a Mastermind, my Love? A Mastermind has mastery over the mind, self-mastery, and therefore mastery over all areas of life! Zeleni’s internal conflict about his love for me leads him to develop a brand new, masterful part of his mind, each and every lifetime. 


You see as long as these two Aspects of Zeleni’s self are dissonant, Zeleni suffers. But with perspicacity, Zeleni is able to observe there could be no harmony as long as either Aspect of the Self is dominant. A vacillation between the two results in so much unrest! And sometimes even leads to frustration and self-admonishment. This is no way to live. In each lifetime, it takes Zeleni several vacillations before he realizes he must develop the Master Mind. 


With all the Focus he can muster - he starts to transcend both Aspects of Self entirely. His Focus grows wider, taller, stronger - and he is no longer believing either Aspect of Self is correct, but rather he observes they both have valid, worthy desires. Again, his Focus is expanding, bigger, wider, wiser. He begins to have compassion for both Aspects of Self as his Intelligence is growing vaster by the moment! There will be no more frustration, no more self-admonishment. Zeleni begins to realize he is intelligent enough to develop solutions that fulfill the desires of ALL ASPECTS OF SELF. And finally Zeleni’s Focus is so huge he comes to access the mind of God, Infinite Intelligence, where elegant solutions and genius innovations constantly stream to his consciousness. Zeleni’s eye gives a twinkle. “I am here now. I am a Mastermind. I can do anything I damn well want. There are no rules.”


The Ultimate Rule-Breaker is now able to break his own old rules and create a unique paradigm that includes everything he prefers. No limits. Once this transformation is complete, the Supreme Aspect of Self rules a harmonious kingdom of Mind, governing all Aspects of Self with diligence, diplomacy, compassion, harmony and the ultimate efficacy. As he governs the Self within, his external reality transforms and bends to his every will and desire: laser sharp Focus, penetrating Mastermind style.


The first time Zeleni became a Mastermind is when he traveled Interdimensionally and created The Cove for us. Do you remember Zeleni’s Cove, my darling? A beautiful paradise where I could live blissfully and he could visit me any time he wanted. And in each lifetime Zeleni also has a conventional life on the Earth Plane! He even has more lives than that in a variety of dimensions at any given time! Too many to tell you about, my love. Like I said many Chronicles ago, Zeleni is an International, Intergalactic Man of Mystery. I love that about him. And that is one of the many reasons he captivates me so. 


And it was during this first experience I have told you about that Zeleni and I agreed, I would assist him in this way for every lifetime moving forward. I am Eternal. And I have been with Zeleni through many lifetimes now. As you can imagine, the adventure is always astounding! “Will he develop the Master Mind this time?” He has never failed so far. One might ask, “why don’t you just tell him and save some time?” My love, it doesn’t work that way! Each and every lifetime, Zeleni must discover the Master Mind for himself. That is true in all meaningful learning. My darling, never tell anybody anything. All discovery must happen as an evolution in the perspective of the individual. Instead, invite people to play. Enchant them! Seduce them! Dazzle them to new discoveries and awarenesses. It’s the only way! And then life is a series of exquisite treasures, to savor, to behold…on and on…  And sometimes, if you’re very fortunate, lifetime after lifetime.

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