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Chronicle #4

Goddess Anaïs Electra - Anaïs Electra

My Love! As Zeleni and I prepare for Interdimensional Travel to the Earth Plane to Vanquish the Nefarium and liberate human Love Light, I would like to tell you about how you can travel to different dimensions! I would like to tell you about The Quotient Crystal, more commonly known as The Que Stone. 


The Que Stone is the only element that exists in all dimensions simultaneously. This powerful crystal offers itself to Interdimensional travelers as a portal key. Zeleni is very observant. While he had already developed his own methods for traveling Interdimensionally, he noticed every time as he arrived in another dimension - the Que Stone was right there! He then discovered he could bring others with him to various dimensions by utilizing the Que Stone. 


Let me explain the properties of The Que Stone to you, my Love. 


The Que Stone exists relative to the highest-vibrational frequency in each dimension. It is present in EACH DIMENSION SIMULTANEOUSLY in that dimension’s manifestation of the highest quality of beauty, reverence, joy and goodness. 


For instance, at Zeleni’s Cove, we have The Que Stone near the lagoon of the Cove - that is the highest vibrational frequency of the Cove due to the beauty, reverence, joy and goodness that exists there. 


You can witness the Que Stone on the Earth Plane in similar physical proximity to the highest vibrational places. The Notre Dame in France, the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, the Taj Mahal in India, near the entrance to the CERN Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, the NASA JFK Space Center in Florida, also Tiffany’s in New York City, and most importantly at Josie Wambui’s baking kitchen oven in Nairobi, Kenya. Josie's kitchen oven is the Que Stone's absolute favorite location in all dimensions. Josie is a live, Interdimensional Goddess, baking the most delectable delights in all of the Ominverse. These locations are Vortices of beauty, reverence, goodness and joy on the Earth Plane and the Que Stone exists simultaneously in all of these places, and untold locations in a multitude of other dimensions.  


The Que Stone is actually a crystal! But it presents as a stone so it can go unnoticed, under the radar of the beings in each dimension. The Que Stone can function as a portal for those who are intelligent enough to discover the superposition, supernatural features of the Que Stone. 


Anyone with penetrating intellect vast enough, and Love Light powerful enough, can harness the power of the Que Stone, my Love. And we have that intelligence, so we are going on this journey now. Let’s GO, my darling! To the Que Stone! We have Nefarium to vanquish from human consciousness. Let’s do this! I love you, my darling! 


Artwork collaboration with Nageswara Reddy. Editing excellence by Alison Hill. Story inspiration from multi-dimensional Que Jones. 

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