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Chronicle #8: the golden light of the goddess

Goddess Anaïs Electra - Anaïs Electra

My love! I want to tell you about Zeleni’s Cove and why my protected oasis is so very necessary. You might recall Zeleni’s Cove. It exists on a paradise island in another dimension where I have been united with Zeleni for thousands of years. The Cove is our most treasured sanctuary on all of the island and this is where I dwell in blissful reverie, almost always! But occasionally, I arrive to the Earth Plane with Zeleni and we are on an important mission to assist in the evolution of human consciousness. Allow me to explain to you all that transpires.


To begin, as you might imagine, the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure has very unique treasures inherent to her being. You see my love, there is a golden radiant light endlessly streaming from me. Every feature, every movement, every expression, every breath emanates a golden, loving glow and it is glorious to behold! Needless to say, I garner a great deal of attention when I present to humans. Without exception, humans are mesmerized as they encounter my presence. 


You might think that sounds wonderful! And oftentimes it is. However, one must keep in mind the impact of The Nefarium on human consciousness. You will remember that The Nefarium are shadow energies that infiltrate human consciousness. The shadows of The Nefarium distort human perspectives, captivate them with false fears. And in that way, The Nefarium keep control over the immense power of the human Love Light. 


Now, the Goddess enters the presence of the human. What do you think happens? Well, of course, the Love Light of the human starts to glow evermore brightly! But what else? As you might suspect, The Nefarium must determine a way to stay in control of the human Love Light and they have so many devious tactics to do so in the case of my presence. I shall outline certain of these tactics for you presently, my love. 


Now my darling, I am so happy to report that within certain humans, their Love Lights are immediately liberated in the presence of my radiant aura. Isn’t that wonderful my love? These particular humans are so very responsive to the golden light of the Goddess and, immediately, their Love Light Blazes to Full-Shine-Capacity. The Nefarium are vanquished! A very happy ending (and beginning) to the story, my darling!


But there are many humans (most actually) whose Love Lights have been growing dimmer and dimmer over years of being under the influence of The Nefarium. The Love Lights of these humans have been fading, dwindling and may even become extinguished before long! And if that happens, the human will descend to an awful fate, my love. A human whose Love Light has been completely extinguished morphs into a D.I.N. human (a Deranged Insidium Nefarium human). The D.I.N. humans are under complete control and work exclusively on behalf of The Nefarium. The primary operative of a D.I.N. human is to harm other humans for the purposes of strengthening The Nefarium in those they harm. As they perpetrate harm on regular humans, fear spreads powerfully and rapidly. Disillusion and suffering reign! And all Love Lights dim as The Nefarium increase in power exponentially.


So for these humans who have dimmed Love Lights, but are not quite yet D.I.N. humans, their response when encountering the Goddess is rather complex, but you will see how the following events are all deviously orchestrated by The Nefarium.


Upon encountering me, the dimmed Love Light in the human surges with renewed energy. The Love Light is charged with illumination and the glow is unfamiliar but not unwelcome! “What is this feeling??” the human will ask as relaxation and inspiration begin to emanate. They enjoy the sweet, gentle light they feel however they do not trust it completely. They are unsure if that glowing feeling is safe, because they have been under the influence of The Nefarium for so very long, my love. 


The Nefarium see this surge of Love Light and they rejoice! The first part of their plan is now in action. The Nefarium proceed to allow the glow of the Love Light to increase with no interference. The glow of the Love Light serves a great purpose to The Nefarium actually! They are always hungry for more Love Light but supplies are limited in humans with dimmed Love Lights. Suffice to say, this new surge of light is very desired. 


Do not be fooled, my darling! This is only temporary permission granted by The Nefarium. The Nefarium are very skillful at playing a Long Game. They are biding their time before striking the perfect sequence of blows that will result in The Nefarium’s supreme dominance over the Love Light once again. As you shall see. 


During this time, the human feels so very good to be in the presence of the Goddess! The human’s Love Light is glowing brighter, brighter, softer, softer…more and more open. The Nefarium finally decrees the Love Light is ripe for harvest! At this point, The Nefarium deploy a strategic attack. Insidium mirrors in position! Shadow energies dispersed! The Nefarium shadows and light-manipulation begin clouding the consciousness… subtly at first but slowly a swarm of shadows commences. Frightful, feelings of dread, suspicions, angst begin to overcome the human as the Light of Love is blocked, distorted, refracted, clouded with shadows. 


When this happens the human begins to perceive the Goddess very differently, through an illusory lens of fear. “What is she about anyway?” “Who does she think she is?” “She is not safe.” “Is she for real?” Oftentimes this human will seek others who are under the influence of The Nefarium as well - those who are feeling similar impressions of angst and dread. As these humans commune, The Nefarium is strengthened in all. Through gossiping, fabricating and distorting the truth, they concoct stories about the Goddess - that she must be evil or else they wouldn’t be feeling such dread. Subsequently, an attack is launched upon me, the Goddess. 


The Nefarium stoke other complications as well, my love - I will not touch upon these in great detail now - but they include aspects of human conditioning that lead some who encounter me to develop longing of, needing of, even addiction to my golden light aura. They become disempowered, coveting, anxious, destructive. This is yet another tactic of The Nefarium. These humans do not understand yet that the Love Light is within them. The glow they are sensing is from inside, but they haven’t yet discovered how to allow their Love Light to shine if they are not in my presence. 


My darling, you would be astonished at the ugliness that has been directed at me. But my love, do not despair. Neither The Nefarium nor a human, could ever harm the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure. It’s impossible. It would go against universal spiritual law. My golden Love Light is so very powerful and will always deflect any attempts of harm. The energy of the ugly act ricochets off my golden aura and blasts the human deeply to the heart and soul - and obliterates all good feeling. 


Unfortunately, that is exactly what The Nefarium intended to begin with. The Nefarium are very well aware humans cannot harm me. They convince the human that a harmful act will be effective! And they will feel better upon completion of the harmful act. But immediately after the attempt at harm fails, the human falls to such despair, and now The Nefarium have a firm foothold, complete control over the newly recharged Love Light. Next, The Nefarium convince the human to enact severe self-recrimination! And then the plan of The Nefarium is complete. They are absolutely in control of the Love Light once again and the human consciousness is completely captive to the shadows. It is truly a vicious tactic, my love, but very effective. 


That is the cycle of karma, darling. The Nefarium are very skillful at utilizing karma to ensnare and enslave human consciousness.


But one silver lining to this conundrum is that a portion of humans really do have their Love Lights liberated! And when they see the attempt at harm perpetrated upon me, it strengthens their resolve to NEVER fall under the influence of The Nefarium ever again. The ugly act speaks volumes to those with a liberated Love Light. They see the insanity - thereby their hearts are ennobled and strengthened all the more! And that is how heroes and heroines are born, my love. They ascend and emerge as warriors and warrioresses for the liberation of all Love Lights! We form the Love Lights Ablaze Vortex - and as we stand together in love we are immensely powerful. 


So you see darling, my golden aura can be so very polarizing to humans. The Nefarium use this to their advantage as best they can. And the Love Lights Ablaze Vortex also yields prodigious evolution. This is an imperative universal dance between light (Infinite Intelligence) and illusion (The Nefarium). Those who choose the radiance of the Love Light create beauty and illumination. Those who choose illusion create misery internally and externally. It is up to the will and perspicacity of each human to determine their own destiny. Encounters such as the one I outlined above launch both forces to amplification. That is why Zeleni brings me to the Earth Plane ever so sparingly, when a monumental shift in the zeitgeist is emerging. That is when I must arrive. 


So, this my love, is why Zeleni’s Cove is so very important. Zeleni knows that my energies must be guarded and used at precisely the right times. As you know Zeleni is an international, intergalactic Mastermind. He monitors all flow of energies in the entire universe and all dimensions. He has a map in his mind and watches all of the vibrational currents constantly! Zeleni doesn’t even sleep, he is so very vigilant. And as Zeleni decrees, I only return to the Earth Plane every couple of millennia. As you can imagine, a polarization of epic proportion ensues shortly after my arrival and the Earth paradigm is changed incontrovertibly, once again. An heroic trial for humans to choose ascension or dissension. Love or fear. Truth or illusion. 


And after it is done, I retire to the Zeleni’s Cove once again. I am so happy to have you with me, my love. I knew you would choose ascension, I truly did! And that is why I am so devoted to you and deeply in love with you. Let us enjoy the splendors of the Love Light my darling and bask and unfurl in Utopian bliss together. So much potential for beauty, my love! Well done, us! My eternal Beloved. 

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