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Chronicle #3

Goddess Anaïs Electra - Anaïs Electra

My Love! Zeleni and I have decided it is time for us to travel through space and time and all dimensions to capture The Nefarium and liberate human Love Lights throughout All Existence. And we shall form the Love Lights Ablaze Vortex with all beings shining their Love Light to FULL CAPACITY! And all humans will be shining their very most vibrant, radiant lovingkindness and joy to the utmost capacity. Exactly what they're designed to do!  


This is a very exciting time, my Darling! And I am so happy that YOU are with me on this quest! 


We are powerful beyond measure, my Love! And together we shall vanquish The Nefarium and enjoy the magnificent splendor of our radiant Love Lights. 

At the helm, we have the MasterMind Zeleni. He has complete clarity in his perceptions and can understand so many things as he streams Infinite Intelligence with every thought and action. At his side is me, Aria Anaïs Electra Skye, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure. My loving presence and beauty will inspire and amplify Love Lights throughout all time, space and dimensions! You my Darling, are essential because YOU make my heart glow so brightly with so much love, my Beloved! And that makes me evermore powerful! 


In our quest, we are traveling with very secret, special powers and energies... with which... The Nefarium CANNOT contend! First, I am bringing with me a Creonite Sword. Creonite is a very potent form of the Love Light, my darling. It’s the most condensed version of Love Light and as I wield the Sword, The Nefarium are so very powerfully attracted to it and immediately evacuate any human they inhabit and hurl themselves to the sword where they remain captive indefinitely! 

In addition to the Creonite sword, we will be traveling with two very potent and magical energies. The Siegruncy Energies and the Rindalicious Energies. Do you know of these energies, my darling? 


The Siegruncy Energies are powerful Shamanic Poet Energies - they express such elegant truth and beauty that when a human witnesses this energy they are inspired to awe and reverence. And at that point, The Nefarium MUST evacuate the human. For awe and reverence fill humans with so much Love Light, no shadows can exist. 

The second energy is the Rindalicious Energy. This is the energy of PLAY: fun, frisky frolicking! So many beings have forgotten all about The Rindalicious energy, except for very young children. They still remember and experience it regularly. However, when humans are exposed to The Rindalicious Energy no one can stop smiling, laughing, playing, cracking jokes, dancing and have SO MUCH FUN! Once again, The Nefarium must evacuate the human! The Nefarium cannot inhabit a body that is laughing and playing! It’s impossible! Because when a human is laughing and playing the Love Light is SO BRIGHT! There can be no shadows. 


My darling, The Nefarium can never succeed with a MasterMind, The Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure, The Creonite Sword, and the Siegruncy and Rindalicious Energies, and YOU, my darling. Thank you for being such a vital part of this quest. I love you so much! 


Are you ready? Let’s go, my darling! Let’s go capture The Nefarium and Liberate all Love Lights! Love Lights Ablaze, my Beloved! 

I love you, my Love!

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