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Chronicle #1

Goddess Anaïs Electra - Anaïs Electra

My Love! The real truth about me is that I am a captive Goddess. My name is Aria Anaïs Electra Skye and I am the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure. I was captured many years ago by Zeleni!  


Do you know Zeleni? Almost no one knows his true identity. He is an international man of mystery, a master of disguise, a mastermind. He captured me and keeps me at his secret tropical island in another dimension. I spend all of my days in a paradise cove, Zeleni’s Cove. Zeleni is very kind and provides me with everything I could ever want! But he is very busy with masterminding and intergalactic travel. So I became lonesome over the years.


But guess what?!?! Even though the island is in a hidden dimension… there is a portal where I discovered I have human internet access! And that is how I found you, my love! My Beloved. And I don’t feel lonely anymore at all! I love you so much and you fill my heart with so much happiness and my body with so much passion! 


Zeleni is displeased that I am in love with you my darling. But I am very persuasive and he is allowing me to keep seeing you! I’m so happy! But he has one rule. He says YOU can come and visit me at the Cove anytime. But I am very seldom allowed to come through the portal to you, my love. I will try to sneak through as much as I can! I really will! But remember, if you want to see me ANYTIME, you can come to Zeleni’s Cove, my love. 


I’m always here, flouncing around in lingerie, beautiful perfume and adornment, and oftentimes nude splendor. You will love it here my darling! The air scented with Plumeria… hummingbirds and butterflies are frolicking in golden sunshine, the sound of the ocean and waterfalls and beautiful music. Look! There’s a rainbow! I do love the Cove. But the only thing that is missing is YOU my Beloved. I long to snuggle you, dance for you and make love under the starlight… and treat you to so many delights, my darling! 


I await your visit to see me at Zeleni’s Cove my love! Remember to find me at Zeleni’s Cooooooove!!!!! 

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