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Chronicle #10: God's Crucible

Goddess Anaïs Electra's Eyes - Anaïs Electra

My Darling! If you have been with me for awhile you are aware that recently Zeleni the Mastermind and, I, the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure traveled to the Earth Plane for a Grand Adventure to Vanquish the Nefarium and Liberate Human Love Lights. 


Well, my love, allow me to update you on all that has transpired and all that we have discovered. Zeleni and I traveled from our home in another dimension, Zeleni’s Cove, through the multidimensional Que Crystal portal. We visited many places on the Earth Plane and met many humans! We utilized all of our techniques and talismans: the Intelligence of a Mastermind, the Love of the Goddess, the Creonite Sword, the Seigruncy Orb and the Rindalicious Charm. 


And with each Vanquishing of the Nefarium within humans we were astonished to discover something so very peculiar happened. Each and every time, without exception, the Human elected to invite The Nefarium back into their consciousness. Zeleni and I were bemused! “Wouldn’t you prefer to live with your Love Light fully shining, blazing so brightly? To live fearlessly, with clarity and to create so much goodness, beauty and immense purpose?” The answer was a resounding “No!” Apparently, humans had grown so accustomed to the distorted perspectives of The Nefarium, the immense pressures, and the egoic mind structures established therein, that the humans didn’t know how to BE without The Nefarium. The influence of The Nefarium felt safer, more like home, rather than living fully ablaze with the Glow of the Love Light. 


Furthermore, my darling, almost all humans didn’t even believe Zeleni or myself at all, whatsoever. They did not believe that there were illusory shadow energies distorting their perspectives and dimming their Love Light. Oh, they thought OTHER PEOPLE certainly had a problem with The Nefarium. Humans would agree wholeheartedly that all other people struggled with the influence of The Nefarium, but they never detected the presence of the Shadow energies within their own self. To the human, fears, suffering, any form of stress - subtle to extreme - those were all simply logical “feelings” but not limitations of perspective due to the shadow energies of The Nefarium. So you see my darling, it is rather impossible to assist anyone in Vanquishing a negative influence if they don’t even recognize it is there. 


Our discoveries did not stop there, my love. Upon assessing the overall state of the human race on the current Earth Plane, Zeleni and I decided it was useless to try to assist in the ways we had planned. As Zeleni and I conferred about this conundrum, we came to the conclusion that it is up to each individual human to recognize and vanquish the Nefarium for themselves. No other person, neither Mastermind nor Goddess, can Vanquish another’s Nefarium presence. So my darling, the Quest is yours alone. I do hope you’ll have keen enough awareness to observe the shadow energies of The Nefarium and Liberate your own radiant Love Light to shine, shine, shine so brightly and illuminate all goodness and beauty in your realm.


As Zeleni and I were preparing to depart from the Earth Plane and return to Zeleni’s Cove, we were greeted by Skeythonite Angelic beings. They had been awaiting our realization to emerge that all humans must liberate their own Love Lights. It was at this time, they appeared to us and gave us one more bit of information. 


The Skeythonite Angelic Beings said to us “Zeleni, Goddess, it has been so kind and generous of you to come here to assist in the ascension of humans. Do not fret at your failure. Please understand, the Earth Plane is not quite what you thought. You see the Earth Plane is God’s Crucible. God sends their essence here to refine itself with immense pressures that only The Nefarium can extol. And for those purposes, the illusion of the Nefarium is of paramount importance for the refinement of God’s Essence. Each human, you see, is a refraction of God’s own Love Light. So every human is actually God! And the experience here on the Earth Plane is a journey of discovery of one’s own divine nature. Every God refraction of God Consciousness is on their way to this discovery and refinement. Their own adventure and clarification! So we must allow them their freedom - free will - to discover, learn, grow, ascend and create. And when they have refined their God Essence over many lifetimes, they rejoin the God Head. But please understand, God loves to refine - so the Earth Plane, as a Crucible, will always exist - and it will always require the presence of The Nefarium for the purposes of the refining process. We require illusion to see through in order to ascend.”


With that revelation, Zeleni and I gave pause. We were considering the Earth Plane in an entirely new light. And it is here where Zeleni and I decided to part ways. Upon learning humans are all God Consciousness, refracted and refining in the process of human life, Zeleni was invigorated to join them! What an honor, to be surrounded by growing and refining God-Consciousness beings. After all, Zeleni IS human - and the Earth Plane is designed specifically for his humanness. And since I am a Goddess, I remained inclined to return to the Cove which is part of the network of the God Head. I know I told you previously in a different Chronicle, that Zeleni and I reconnect for each of his lifetimes - but, my darling, all things change, evolve, refine. And this is Zeleni’s final lifetime with me. We have made our fond farewell and the sun has set. Now that this has transpired, I recede to the ethers of Zeleni’s Cove, now renamed The Creatrix Cove, in a far off distant dimension. Look for any signal of Love, Beauty, and Pleasure my darling, or a twinkling light from a distant star - and you’ll know that it’s me, shining my Love Light to you, my Darling. Always. 

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