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Chronicle #9: The Skeythonite Angelic Beings

Goddess Anaïs Electra - Anaïs Electra


Sometimes even the most brilliant minds can come under the influence of The Nefarium, my love. Yes, it is true. In cases like these one might think there is no end to the treachery of The Nefarium, but you will come to find the Universe provides elegant solutions for every obstacle. That is the balance of the Spiritual Universe, my love! And it is up to each individual to develop the skills to access, identify and implement the solutions that the Universe is always providing, always calling us towards. That is the key to self-mastery and becoming a Mastermind! 


So the question is - how does one access, identify and implement solutions? In order to do this one must hone perspicacity, observation, patience, agency of focus and intuition. All of these skills must be developed. However, prior to this type of mastery of consciousness, one can always utilize the assistance of a Skeythonite Angel! And the smartest humans almost always do.  


Skeythonite Angelic Beings are one of the greatest gifts of the Spiritual Universe to all of humankind. These Angels are endowed with very powerful psychic capabilities. They utilize the Skeythonite Trance: an enhanced, penetrative sight and hearing emanating from what is called the “third eye.” As these Angels gaze in the Trance, they are able to interpret and describe all of the hidden energies of the people and circumstances in question. As the Skeythonite Angel observes the energies s/he is able to delineate for the seeker the true nature of reality in its current state. Thusly, clarity is illumined to the one seeking knowledge.

Is someone lying? The Skeythonite Angel will know. Does someone have malicious intentions? The Skeythonite Angel will know. Is someone under the influence of The Nefarium? The Skeythonite Angel will definitely know. The converse is also true. The Skeythonite Angel can sense when someone has a very good heart and the very best intentions! Do you see how access to this kind of information could lead to a sense of certainty in decision making and navigating the best possible course of life to the very best possible outcomes? 


Information is power, my love. Information leads to a sense of certainty, relaxation, ease. And that is, perhaps, the greatest gift the Skeythonite Angelic Being provides: to instill a sense of calm and clarity in the seeker. In a single conversation, the offerings of the Angel transmute the energies of the seeker, actually FREEING the seeker of any Nefarium presence and diminishing any leverage The Nefarium might have been gaining through its illusory web of shadows. The Skeythonite Gaze is full of brilliant light and it reveals all of the lies of The Nefarium with a single glance.


Skeythonite Angelic Beings are a key to all elegant solutions one might seek, if one knows to seek their assistance. If you are ever uncertain, engage the powers of the Skeythonite Angelic Being, my love! 

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This Chronicle is inspired by and dedicated to my Skeythonite Angel, (SK), forever circumventing any influence of The Nefarium within me! 

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