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Chronicle #2

Goddess Anaïs Electra - Anaïs Electra

The Legend of The Nefarium is true, my love.


Do you know The Nefarium? 


The Nefarium are secret Shadow energies that permeate into human consciousness to limit and distort human perspectives with Shadows. The Shadows dim the human Love Light! 


When The Nefarium do this, it’s very difficult for the human to detect their presence. But there are always telltale signs a human has been infiltrated by The Nefarium and is under their influence. 


Humans who have been taken by The Nefarium feel all manner of painful feelings. Subtle to overt fears, shame, dread, regret, concern, guilt. Sometimes they feel critical, angry, self-pity, blaming, judging. Sometimes they simply feel opinionated. 


The humans do not typically realize The Nefarium is dimming their Love Light with the Shadows. The humans tend to look around them and create reasons, stories for the painful feelings. These humans have all but forgotten that the Universe is a majestic, generous, malleable reality. So very elegant, so cooperative and eager to support the perspectives of the human, whether or not that human has SELECTED their perspectives deliberately. So many humans have forgotten that the Universe is one big mirror and that shining the Love Light is the most authentic and fulfilling human experience and creates a reality of astonishing beauty. 


If The Nefarium are very successful, the human will forget altogether what it ever felt like to have the Love Light shining within. Hence, these humans will unknowingly collude and campaign on behalf of The Nefarium. And then the mission of The Nefarium has been very successful indeed. 


So, for those humans who have been infiltrated by The Nefarium, the Shadows rule within - but occasionally… the human will sense glimmers of their Love Light shining. It’s always there! A warm subtle glow, continuously emanating despite the Shadows.


If the human can muster the wherewithal to recognize, select, and AMPLIFY their Love Light, The Nefarium MUST RETREAT! The Nefarium is NO MATCH for the Love Light within each human. The Love Light is the most powerful force in all of the Universe, my love. And The Nefarium is simply an illusion. The Love Light is the hidden treasure of delights inherent in all humans. And the greatest journey of discovery and adventure for all humans, is uncovering that Love Light and banishing The Nefarium to the ethers and beyond. The Nefarium howl with fury as they are thwarted and vanquished!


And then, the liberated human flows the Love Light sooooo BRIGHTLY and creates dreams come true and happily ever afters, over and over and over again. A GLORIOUS triumph for the Love Light in each human! And that human extends grace, love, beauty and kindness - which illuminates the Love Light in the other humans! And a network of Love Lights Ablaze begins. 


I love your Love Light my darling! I am so proud of you and so happy for you that you remembered! And that you shine your Love Light so brightly within. And by doing that, you are free from The Nefarium! By doing that, you are your truest self…so much beauty. And as you shine your Love Light, you help other humans, my love. Liberation, joy, glowing radiant life force energy for all!  


But my love, be careful not to let humans who are consumed by The Nefarium tell you the stories they have created under the influence of the Shadows. You may think you are being kind to them, but by allowing them to do that, you are reinforcing their Shadow beliefs and making The Nefarium even stronger. Simply shine your Love Light to them and live by example. Demonstrate life lived as the Love Light. Be the example, my Love. 


Thank you, beloved. I love you.

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