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The Vibrational Palette

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

One of the many things I like to ponder about is the notion of a “Vibrational Palette.” I think I made that term up and I use it all the time. You see, I like to think of my various Active Vibrations as similar to colors of paint on a palette, except instead of paint, I have emotions. Those emotions are my Vibrations. And all of the Manifestations I Observe around me: my physical space, my body, my relationships, are all Indicators of my Vibrational Palette. I can even just look at something from where I am sitting and I can immediately sense what Vibration that item reflects. I created that thing in my Reality through a Vibrational Offering! Additionally, I can simply go through my day and notice the interactions and experiences, see what emotions arise. And at the end of the day, I can take inventory of all the emotions I experienced that day, and then I know THOSE are all Active Vibrations on my Vibrational Palette.

I LOVE KNOWING what is on my Vibrational Palette because then I can Sort and Sift! Are all of these Vibes feeling good to me? Am I yielding Manifestations at a pace and accuracy that feels good to me? If not, I can certainly change the Vibrations I am including on my Vibrational Palette. I can certainly Upgrade them! There are so many tools, techniques and even really fun games that result in Refining/Upgrading the Vibrational Palette.

The reason I like to know VERY CLEARLY what’s on my Vibrational Palette is because that Awareness brings Power and Opportunity. That Awareness helps me to be a Conscious, Deliberate Creator. Prior to Awareness of what is on the Vibrational Palette, we sort of stumble into situations emanating and perpetuating Lower Vibes and creating Unwanted Manifestations. We can be very Unconscious, Accidental Creators! LOL! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

When we are Unconsciously/Accidentally Creating, it can feel like life is happening to us. That feels vulnerable, uncertain, deflating, frustrating. And THAT’S an ILLUSION. Because we are extremely, astonishingly Powerful. I wrote an Awestruck post the other day about how incredibly Powerful we are. And it’s only when we wake up to our Power that things start REALLY getting good.

Deliberate, Conscious Awareness is the key to discovering what all we’re working with and including on our Vibrational Palettes. And that Awareness leads to the ability to Deliberately and Consciously Create. See how it grows and grows?? Applying that Vibration to self-awareness leads to the full embodiment of that Vibration in all aspects of life.

Cheers to all of us Refining, Honing and Focusing our Vibrational Palettes to EXACTLY the Vibrational Components we intend for Creating the very best Manifestations imaginable and BEYOND.

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