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Remember to Remember to Remember FUN!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Sometimes I think about recess from childhood. I’m not even sure why it’s called “recess.” For my international readers, in the US “recess” is that time of day where the children get to pause their studies and run around outside together and PLAY.

I suspect the powers-that-be selected the name “recess” because that word profoundly downplays the experience of recess. And they don’t want children (humans) to fall too deeply in love with the experience we call “recess.” What would become of us!? If we were to more aptly name that time of day children so deeply adore?

Wouldn’t “Fun Explosion Time” be a more accurate name? Heart Shine Time! Play Heaven! Zoom-a-boom-boom Time! Jiggy Party! Romping Ruckus! Fabulous Freedom Time! Be-Who-You-Are-with-very-few-expectations-on-you Time! Wonderful, Wondrous, Wandering Time!

Regardless of the name…do you remember recess? Recess is/was super FUN.

Do you remember your last recess? Like the day when it was to be your very last time doing recess and you haven’t had recess since then? I don’t think any of us realized it that day… that we would not be doing recess anymore moving forward. I do believe, we would have been astonished, gobsmacked… determined, insistent on keeping that very best part of the day in our lives. If given the choice, I think many of us would have opted to have recess ALL DAY and would have even chosen a profession in recess, if that had been among the options!

Recess was/is buzzing with life, exhilarating, an improvisational adventure, a time to let loose and flow pure, beaming, unbridled life force energy. A time to make-believe, try on different hats, explore relationships, encounter the playground bully (yikes!), endeavor new feats and acrobatics, run, jump, leap, skip, twirl, dig in the dirt with a stick, discover bugs and leaves, all senses alive and running at full capacity. All without judgement from ANYONE (except maybe the playground bully) because everyone was/is too busy having their own fun to focus upon you and what you were doing. Even the children who didn’t wish to run around wildly, that was their opportunity to sit in the cool shade and let their minds wander wherever they wished. Autonomy, liberation, the opportunity to BE authentic and free and let your energy expand in whatever way felt natural and good.

Recess is one of the best examples of vibrant human expression that I have ever witnessed (as a child and as a former school teacher). We can ALL be that alive, ALL THE TIME. Each day can feel like a long segment of RECESS.

When I say Spiritual Sexy, I’m talking about the recess feeling! So full of life, invigorated, expansive, fearLESS. I’m sure many of us, many children, would battle terrifying demons if we knew getting to recess was on the other side. But somehow battling demons has become the primary feature of all the days. A heaviness of shoulds, duties, obligations, concerns…and very little internal experience of the recess feeling for grownups! Tell that to your 8-year old self! They would say “NO WAY! I’ll be at recess thank you very much!” But somehow, at our greatest opportunity to choose recess (when we are all grown up), we choose heaviness. Why is that? I have many ideas about why, but that’s for a different article.

The bottom line is that the recess-feeling is what I am pointing at when I say Spiritual Sexy.

Sexy IS FUN. Sexy is playful, frisky, free, joyful, expansive, flowing, exploratory, adventurous, lively, energized, sweet, silly, twirly, improvisational MAGIC.

Additionally, sexy is HILARIOUS… When you smile soooo much your cheeks ache! Where you laugh so hard your belly aches! (No need for crunches - just laugh super-hard!)

All of that is SEXY. Spiritual Sexy.

Underneath all of the heaviness of grown up “beware of this and that”s we are Spiritual Sexy. We LOVE recess and WE KNOW how to have FUN that brings the house DOWN. No booze or drugs required. Fun is programmed right in to the human spirit. And if you’ve forgotten how… YOU’LL FIGURE IT OUT! I’m just here to REMIND YOU.

Remember FUN, beloved.

Remember to remember to remember to remember to HAVE FUN! You can do it! You can discover all of it within. And have a blast, my darling!

I love you!

Spiritual Sexy IS me, you, and all humans. Just gotta remember and allow it to come out…

Deep Penetrating Love,

Queen St Creatrix (hey on this playground I’ll call myself whatever I darn well please! lol!)

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