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Sexy is not what people think it is, my love.

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

“Sexy” is being fully ALIVE - delighting in, celebrating, loving the experience of being in human form.

Loving the self, loving the other, loving life. There is nothing more beautiful and exquisitely fulfilling to the depths of the soul than to feel your full-self-aliveness, without fear. Without fear. Sans fear. Fear-LESS.

“Fear” is simply the weight of illusion that compresses upon the functionality of an apparatus (human being) which, at full capacity, streams a very pure light love vibration. And humans long to have that stream of love flowing through them to full capacity. Streaming that love light feels SO GOOD because that is the true purpose and design of humans. All else is an illusion, a dream, dancing with a fluctuation of compressions of energies, sifting through the illusion, to hone our capacity to stream light and love purely.

And that feels so sexy. Allowing the full capacity of loving light to flow through the self results in feeling the utmost capacity to be alive. And I am reporting to you, that it happens to feel sexy! I’m using “sexy” to point at a quality many humans are resisting within themselves. Come more alive and you’ll see what I mean.

There is so much power in being human, so much radiant life force energy. Find out how to feel your very most ALIVE and you will discover who/what you really are. Luscious, sexy, divine, holy, radiance of loving light streaming through the human being tuning apparatus…YOU. That is being ALIVE TO THE FULLEST. Very sexy.

Get your sexy on.

Spiritual Sexy

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