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Be Your Own Butler

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I started consciously “being my own butler” in 2010. By 2012 I have almost always had the American, modern-day equivalent of a butler: a personal assistant or daily housekeeper. Read below to see what I mean. And then the vid is of something Katelyn, my PA, recently did to my closet without me even asking…fabulous!!!!

In order to harness the power of the universe, I had to love myself so deeply that every little preference of mine mattered. Down to the VERY LAST DETAIL. I became my own butler. I’ll give you an example from that time.

I knew I loved jasmine green tea. And I noticed that it pleased me very much to have the utmost ease in the early morning in making that first cup. (I used to work long hard hours, up at the crack of dawn.) I thought, how best to please myself in that circumstance. As my own butler, each night I would place my favorite mug right next to the electric kettle in the perfect place to pour with ease, fill my kettle with filtered water, place the teabag in the mug, cover the mug with a saucer so no dust would settle in the mug... nice and clean. Then in the mornings, I would delight at the ease with which I would make my tea. Thanking my butler (me!) and feeling ever so satisfied to start my day.

Other items I did as my own butler... total declutter, everything essential within arms reach from my place on the couch or shower. Remote, right there. Bottle of water, easy. Extra towel, no problem. I carefully and cheerfully labeled all medications and first aide. Because I knew when I’m sick or injured I would want to easily locate the necessities. And the cheerful labels would brighten the situation.

Anything and everything important to me, the deepest, truest me, I made sure to give the utmost care and comprehensive attention to meeting all needs and desires. That was my loving expression to myself. And the universe brought me people, situations, conditions that followed suit. Beyond my dreams.

At times, late at night... I’d be so tired. I didn’t feel up to being “the butler.” So my future self would say to my current tired self, don’t worry, I got you. I’ll be butler tomorrow. Drop your clothes right there on the floor and get yourself to bed. So see? It’s not rigid. You must sense who’s available at the moment and respond accordingly. Sometimes you’re being pampered. Sometimes you’re pampering. But it’s all you and YOU. Enjoy this fantabulous loving relationship. It will unlock all your manifesting dreams.

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