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I Am Not “Nice.” I am Loving. Here’s the Difference.

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Many times I have had people declare to me, “You are so nice!” I almost always reply, “I am not nice. I am Loving.” And even though I am usually full of jokes and laughter, in that instance, I am being very, VERY serious. I have said “I am not nice. I am Loving;” so many times I’ve decided to write this article about it.

Feeling Loving is so much broader and all-encompassing than being “nice.” One can actually be “nice” and the underlying Vibe can be not-very-nice at all. Many times we behave “nice” due to feelings of obligation, people pleasing, and other fear-based motivations. And that kind of “nice”ness wears a person down. It makes us feel thin, tired, weary because we are pinching off the Love of Source with our fear Vibrations. “Nice” can be a very tiresome goal! I’m so delighted I have no interest in being nice! LOL!

On the other hand, when we are completely hooked into our Inner Beings, we are so filled with LOVE. Love wells up from within and streams outward. The stream is endlessly replenished from Source. We never tire. The Stream of Love just keeps coming and flowing through us, all around. Everywhere we extend our Loving Focus: every person, every interaction, every creative endeavor, it is all imbued with Love. That is the MAGNIFICENT power of Inner Being as we let it flow. The more we flow that Love, the more beauty grows all around us. It’s so very delightful and a wonderful way to Create and live life.

So when people encounter me and I am flowing that IB love, they receive and observe so many behaviors that would/should be considered nice. Such as kindness, generosity, ease, humor, encouragement, playfulness. However, I am ALSO the recipient of all of the same. All those goodies my friends receive from me, I am first receiving from my Inner Being. In fact, I’m top tier! My IB Love is for ME first and foremost and then because I am so filled with that Love, the Juice spills over and they get some too! Oprah voice: “You get some Juice! You get some Juice! We all get some Juice!!!” LOL!

With that deep Love for myself, it’s a natural progression that I will have a healthy sense of boundaries. I will require those around me to Commune with me in harmony, bliss, creativity, encouragement, fun and LOVE! (And I am quite good at attracting that at this point in my life!) However, those who are not interested in that kind of Communion (e.g. certain family members, acquaintances who have fear-based Vibrations), I will swiftly remove my Focus from their experience, and they from mine: a firm, bold PIVOT, and I will proceed to Focus upon that which is Resonant. When I remove my Focus, even though I am feeling only Love, I can be perceived as not-so-nice at all!

The bottom line is, I am not REQUIRED to be around anyone I am not Inspired to be around. I do not care what people think. I do not care about “obligation.” I have no interest in trying to please anyone. And that can actually appear socially aberrant. And guess what. I DON’T CARE! I soooo MUCH DON’T CARE. This is my Life. This is my Life Force Energy. I own my Focus and will direct it where my Inspiration leads ONLY. Inspired Action Only - that’s my motto. Oh my goodness…there is so much goodness to Create. So much Beauty!

I just really want to put this perspective out there. Especially for anyone who might be engaged in some people pleasing Vibrations. It is so much more important to be flowing Love than it is to appear nice to anyone. Flowing love, you will appear nice and create beauty with all of the right people: Cooperative Components. And the fulfillment is nothing short of SPECTACULAR! And let all of the dissonant Vibration people fall away. If they catch on, and raise their Vibe, maybe they’ll join you later! But as high-Vibe people, we simply must Create Beauty. And ain’t nobody got time to be “nice” when we have the option to be Loving.

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