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Where I Came From and What I Created

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Where I Came From and What I Created

Because y’all have only known me a year, sometimes I feel certain of my Aber friends think I just plopped down to Earth with certain big ticket items in full effect. What those friends do not know (because I don’t talk about it much) is that I created this life that I currently have VERY CONSCIOUSLY, very deliberately. I’m going to paint a picture of what my life used to be like to contextualize my current situation.

Prior to my experiments in conscious creating everything was SO VERY different. I was almost constantly sick… full blown colds every month for years and years, extreme, incapacitating allergies, head to toe hives so many times, several UTIs and yeast infections every year (sorry fellas reading this), and so much more that I do not wish to share. I didn’t like the way I looked. I worked out all the time, running and exercising. I developed sports injuries and still wasn’t my ideal body weight or shape. I didn’t feel good about myself internally or externally. I could NOT find a fulfilling romance. It was like a revolving door of dissatisfying relationships with lame dudes into my mid-30s. And those who knew me at that time thought I would never get married. My family connections were an abomination… including but not limited to extreme betrayal, addiction, violence, guns, arrests, jail, suicide attempts, serious mental illness with frequent institutionalization. My work life… OMG, I worked soooo hard. Up at 5am each day (oftentimes sick with a cold or some other ailment) at work by 7am, and then worked until 4pm - 6pm depending on the events of the day. I would come home exhausted and totally uninspired. Then I would just want to zone out for the evening, asleep by 9pm. I couldn’t find friends. I just didn’t resonate with those I would meet. I was in a tremendous amount of debt. I could barely breathe from it. I was solely living THAT LIFE to pay the ginormous bills. I felt like I was on a never-ending hamster wheel.

So THAT WAS ME!!!! I felt it useful to give that bit of background so that my current situation is NOT taken for granted by anyone, including me.

The bottom line is that I have gotten REALLY TRULY quite good at Law of Attraction. I have manifested so many dream-life things. I am my ideal body: weight, shape, beauty and health. I have very abundant wealth and luxury; I basically live in paradise with room to grow. I wake up in the morning whenever I want, I do whatever I want all day, I go to sleep whenever I want. I have love flowing through me and to me all day every day with 4 amazingly adorable pups. I have harmonious and fulfilling relationships with family (yep! Same family, different me!), friends (I love y’all), and in my romantic life (which is more intriguing than ANY OF YOU KNOW ABOUT because I love to savor my secret and glorious romantic life…) ;P

What you all know/see is the after after AFTER picture.

At this time, I am inspired to begin to share my experiences and insights with manifesting on a regular basis. This is my new expansion at this time. So if you think my life is pretty spiffy now, please know, it wasn’t always like that. I created all of what I am. And it’s just going to get better. ;P

Several friends have asked for my insight and I’ve given it. I notice that I repeat myself a lot! So that’s why I’m starting to write it all down and keep it in a blog. I’m still happy to talk with my friends individually of course, but it just feels good to me to summarize and document my own processes and experiences with Law of Attraction. It just feels YUMMY…and we all know what that mean. Inspired action mode ACTIVATED!!!

It’s been about a year since I manifested connecting with my group of Aber friends here on Facebook. My deepest desire and intention at that time was to HAVE FUN and to give and receive love. MY FRIENDS! THAT HAS TOTALLY HAPPENED! For those of you who have been here for the whole year, you’ll remember how the Vortex Dancing Brigade began and we created dozens of videos - twirl vids, an appreciation vid, birthday surprise vids, a get well vid and of course oodles of dance videos. I’m also the party bringer for birthdays creating “party in a post”s, as you know! That’s because I love fun, being silly, creative and loving. In terms of giving and receiving love, I have been and am continually blown away by the kindness, the affection, the positivity, the uplifting in this community. I’m so close with so many of you and you all really are the best friends I have ever had. EVER. I did that. We did that. Thank you. <3

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