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Trajectory of my Luxury Expansion and my Current Vantage Point

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

The reason I am writing this piece is so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to read my perspectives about Manifesting. I think it’s logical and intelligent to probe the Manifesting Chops of anyone who offers Law of Attraction advice or guidance. Find out what they have managed to Create and see if that appeals to you. If it does appeal to you, that’s someone’s advice you should certainly take! But if not, or if they are not transparent with that information, I would be skeptical about their advice especially if they want to be paid for it.

I am actually not offering advice or guidance per se, but rather I am sharing my Adventures in Manifesting because I think it’s fascinating and fun. But over the last week that I have been posting my written works, as people have been reading and learning about techniques I have developed for myself to harness the Law of Attraction, it’s turning out that some friends have actually been trying out some of the techniques I describe. And the techniques have been helpful for some! OMG, that’s freakin’ fantastic! If my experiences can help someone through my own enjoyment in expressing my ideas, that’s a huge bonus!

So with that said, here is a bit of my background. See if my actual Manifesting Prowess is enough of a qualifier for you to extend your precious Focus to my articles. If you think my Manifesting is great, then with this information, perhaps you’ll get even more satisfaction out of reading my articles. And, conversely, if you think my Manifesting is basic or unimpressive compared to your own Manifesting, please consider WRITING SOME ARTICLES FOR ME TO READ!!! Lol!

I am going to Focus solely on the topic of Abundance/Luxury for now. But perhaps in the future I will span other major life topics. These are just the facts, with no explanation about how they happened. This article is solely for verification of my Manifesting efficacy (or lack of verification depending on your Vantage Point).

The Luxury Expansion List (A brief home history followed by more goodies)

Spiritually trained but pre-Abe:

2010 - 500 sq ft studio efficiency apartment in Philadelphia, no amenities

2012 - 900 sq ft loft apartment in San Francisco, basic amenities

2014 - 1900 sq ft house in South San Francisco, basic amenities

2016 - 2300 sq ft house in Napa, CA, basic amenities

After Abe (see how it jumps here):

2018 - 3400 sq ft house in San Francisco with many amenities. My husband I refer to that house as our “starter Luxury home.” e.g. 2 kitchens, house surround system, multiple fireplaces, radiant heat flooring, Luxury toilets - did you even know there was such a thing? I did NOT. Expansive views of San Francisco skyline and the San Francisco Bay, 2-car garage, Spa tub with jets, steam shower and more.

2020 - 7100 sq ft veritable PALACE in Palm Springs CA. 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms. Massive rooms with vaulted ceilings and mirrored walls, an Octagon Room, house and outdoor sound system, large swimming pool, hot tub, outdoor living room, outdoor bar and barbecue area, manicured gardens, ornate fountains, marble, Grecian columns, radiant heat flooring, a 1500 sq ft master suite that is like an apartment with a huge living room separate from the bedroom, a Master Closet that is the size of an apartment in certain parts of the world, luxury toilets, bidets(!), master bathroom with a huge jet tub and a marble walk-in double shower, 3-car garage, a gated community with very attentive, proactive guards that are akin to a concierge staff. Hummingbirds and butterflies always fluttering by, the sound of trickling fountains. Other than that, silence all around. No sight of any neighbors. The views from all windows look like screensavers: grand mountains, blue skies, palms trees and other foliage. It is a veritable paradise. And I did that. "You get what you think about." I didn't even realize my thoughts were so lovely!

Aside from the home situation. Over that time I acquired a Tesla, a Lexus SUV, a Cadillac SUV, a 200 ton refurbished Icelandic Car Ferry??? (why?!?!) (technically I think I am 51% communal property owner of that ), a Hot Springs Resort (communal property part owner of that), flying First Class regularly AND most recently I flew by private jet for the first of many times to come (video in older post). Many exotic trips, high end cruises (I traveled first class on an Abe Cruise and was Esther’s next-door neighbor. And I actually met her in the hallway, all alone - “juuust the two of us.” I did not ask for that, but I Manifested it. I believe due to my Allowing Vibe). I consistently Manifest Luxury services like personal assistants, shopping services, daily housekeeping, weekly house cleaning, landscapers and pool cleaners. My hairdresser, dog groomer, massage therapist and manicurist all come to my home. And I’m not even going to get started on my wardrobe. Let’s just say, it’s massive and delicious. While The Luxury List could go on and on, I’m going to stop there. It really is Old News to me, but I was Inspired to share in case there are any Inquiring Minds.

If you have read my recent article about Luxury: “Identifying and Activating the Vibration of Luxury and Some Super-fun and Effective Techniques I Created!” (link below), compare the passage above to that young woman (me) who was panicked about purchasing gas due to an extreme Lack Vibration. She’s come a long way! Yes, indeedy.

All of that being said, to me, everything I outlined is just the beginning of my Luxury Journey. Coming soon, I would like Unlimited Wealth, an Aston Martin, a Mercedes G Class, more homes, a fleet of dog nannies for my 4 Pomeranians, flying exclusively in Luxury private jets (my private jet flight was like this rundown janky jet! LOL! But still…!!) Abe says we Expand to a certain level and it’s not going to be satisfying for that long, because very shortly after we arrive at that level, Inner Being Expands again and calls you further into your Vortex.

So I’VE GOT PLANS, baby!

Thanks for reading! I love LoA! And I love YOU!

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