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The Tale of My VERY LATEST Series of Unwanted Manifestations and How My Resulting Immense Expansion

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

I recently wrote a post where I explained that when I start to notice Unwanted Manifestations cropping up, I need to do some Detective Work. Those repeated Unwanted Manifestations are an indication of an undetected lower Vibration. Over the last several months a pattern developed in my life with these subtle, yet similar, Unwanted Manifestations. And through my Detective Work I uncovered a hidden vibe that really surprised me! But it was there. Yes indeed. I’ll describe the unfolding of events BELOW because it is an awesome example to illustrate how repeated Unwanted Manifestations are an indication of an unchecked Vibration.

For many months, I had a seemingly endless series of experiences of various employees flaking out on me: showing up late, not returning my calls/texts, not following through. I was like “WHAT is WRONG with everybody?!?” And then a moment later I was like “oh dang… wait. I’m totally doing this. I AM MANIFESTING THIS.” It was time to begin my Detective Work.

First, I asked myself “What is the Vibe here? How does this feel?” The answer emerged. “I feel undervalued. I feel they don’t respect me.” That was my Vibe.

I was so completely unaware I had that kind of Vibe active. I was shocked. But I knew I MUST have that Vibe active if these experiences were my Manifestations and this was the Vibration I was feeling about them. That is Law. I even said to myself “No way! I think very highly of myself!” My Inner Being was like “Are you sure about that? Double check, gurl.”

I started to scan my life for other instances I felt undervalued and/or disrespected. I started combing through my interactions. I noticed there were many instances where I subtly felt like my Focus was being undervalued because I knew I had more potential within me than these experiences were engaging. It’s a though I was accepting and participating in these experiences, but really I had MUCH more to offer and express in the world. I realized these interactions and experiences were NOT Hell Yes’s for me. So in that way, I WAS UNDERVALUING my own Focus by not declining these types of interactions and redirecting my Focus to a more fulfilling choice.

As I continued to comb though my interactions and experiences, I finally came upon what I sensed was the epicenter of this Vibration: Where I was feeling the MOST intensely undervalued and disrespected. The Vibration was very condensed around this one particular friendship.

As I reflected on that friendship and all of the instances I felt disrespected and undervalued, I really SAW it was ME who was disrespecting MYSELF and undervaluing myself by repeatedly choosing to engage with her. By continuing to direct my Focus to someone who repeatedly undervalued/disrespected my Focus and my expressions, I saw that I was really, truly the one who undervalued and disrespected my Focus. And she just mirrored that back to me! I manifested that connection because of a Vibration I was not conscious about.

All that time I thought I had been valuing and respecting myself. But thanks to my Unwanted Manifestations, I became aware there was ANOTHER LEVEL to discover. It was now time to Expand to the next level of valuing and respecting myself!

So here comes the Pivot! I know what I don’t want (to be undervalued and disrespected) and I know what I DO WANT (to be deeply valued and respected). Here was my internal conversation about the Wanted…

“What does it feel like to feel respected and valued by myself and others? It feels strong, empowered. It feels I have something valuable to share and I honor and celebrate that about myself. I can speak my mind and express my perspectives freely and thoroughly and give myself ample opportunity to do that. It feels so fulfilling to share my insights with others who are interested and appreciate my contribution.” Oh just WRITING all of that I can feel the surge of YES-ness inside of me!

With that mental Pivot, I felt a new vibration. Tremendous respect for myself, tremendous value. And this new vibration filled me with the passion to start to write down ALL MY INSIGHTS and to start to share them. That’s what I’m doing right now even! Thank you Cooperative Component, if you’re reading this! 🤣

In just a few days, I have written so many of my thoughts in great detail. I’ve posted them here and made so many wonderful and exciting new friendships. I have also reconnected with older favorite friends that I haven’t seen in awhile.

And that friend who was my Cooperative Component by reflecting my own propensity to undervalue and not respect myself fully? She and I are no longer a Vibrational match at this time, no longer co-creating that particular type of Manifestation. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping to make me aware of my Vibration. I am hopeful for her that she too has very fulfilling awarenesses and Vibrational shifts and Expansion. And I’ve let her know my door is always open if she ever wants to come play with me in a new Expanded paradigm.

How about those employees you might ask? Are they still flaking? The funny thing is, I HAVE NO IDEA!!! I’m entirely too busy having fun, playing, connecting with amazing friends and being prolifically creative to EVEN NOTICE if someone is on time or if they texted me. 🤣 I think I might be the flaky one now! 🤣 For instance, my groomer showed up the other morning and said to me “I’m sorry I’m late!” I was standing there in a silk robe with messy hair and slippers. I was not expecting her at all but we did actually have an appointment for that time! I just forgot! I said “OMG I toooootally forgot you were coming. I’m so happy to see you! How are you??” I value and respect my own Focus so much now and am directing it so thoroughly to the Wanted that I may, in fact, appear very flakey. But if so, I’m certain I’m a charming and lovable flake!

Thank you for reading! I love Law of Attraction! And I love YOU!

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