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The Most Important ABC’s in My Life - Absorb, Be, Create

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Sometimes Human Beings seem so complex but upon further inspection, we are also quite simple. We “Absorb” the atmosphere that is around us, we are (we “Be”) an atmosphere internally, and we “Create” an atmosphere externally - repeat - over and over again - moment to moment, day after day, year after year. We Absorb, We Be, We Create. And those atmospheres constitute the quality of our lives and experiences. What atmosphere do you want to Absorb? What atmosphere do you want to Be? What atmosphere do you want to Create? These are important questions and the basis for a foundation of intentionality.

I intend to Absorb Beauty, to Be Beauty, to Create Beauty. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual Beauty - all across the board. And it feels delicious! I love the notion of beauty because it’s rather an umbrella word that includes many lovely qualities: love, peace, ease, enjoyment, grace, delight, and more. And, if you’ve been watching my stories this week, you are very well aware Absorbing, Being and Creating Beauty has been my theme all week! The entire process of those artistic videos, every action, every thought, every expression, I was Absorbing, Being and Creating Beauty.

As you witness my art, even though I have intended Beauty, I realize my art can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the proclivities of the viewer: the qualities of life, the atmospheres one has intended, whether deliberately or by default.

Whatever the case, I do hope I can contribute to your creation of a pleasurable atmosphere to enhance the quality of your life. Perhaps my artistic works can be something of Beauty for you to “Absorb” as you engage in your glorious, exquisite process of Being Human. Thereby I am potentially expanding the atmosphere of Beauty beyond just my own self and creating lovely Beautiful ripples out into the larger world. That is my greatest hope! And that idea fills me with pure delight!

For my next article I will be writing about developing what I am calling “Agency of Focus” through which we are able to intentionally SELECT the atmospheres we wish to amplify - directing our attention very succinctly to all that we wish to Absorb, Be and Create - ABCs - developing and honing the ability to be completely deliberate and intentional in our lives.

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