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Thank you and Good Night - a letter to my former community

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Do you know what it is to be in love with a community? To love that community so much that you are so eager to be of service? To aspire to create opportunities for those you love to have fun and to feel enriched? To wish to support those you love and provide meaningful “wanted” to focus upon? That is what I was endeavoring to do for an entire year. Can you believe my ENTIRE LIFE revolved around creating for all of you for a whole year? Every waking free moment I had. Profound love of community is what I felt. Just so YOU know. For example, below is a list of all of the videos that were co-created through that inspiration and my deep love for all of you. I hope you enjoyed those times; I did.

In addition to the videos I organized, edited and produced, I also wrote and posted 29 thoroughly detailed articles about how I managed to manifest an amazing life. I even wrote an article outlining all I had manifested so you could decide if you wanted to consider my perspective. I hoped to assist in any way I could to help friends who might be interested in my techniques. In the articles you can access via the link at the bottom of this paragraph, I outlined meditations I created, pivot techniques, journaling activities. I wrote all of this down because I loved you all and knew I had insight. Whether or not that was helpful is solely up to your vibrational resonance.

In ADDITION to THAT, I created a group called SOAR. Every day on that group, I lead a daily touchstone group called “68 Seconds Club” where people could reflect upon their vibration and their desires. I also had sub-groups: “L.E.A.D. Leading Edge Awesome Discussions,” a place where we could talk about Abe’s teachings and our experiences, Goddess Energy Activated group where women could celebrate their beauty and their creations, and 3A: Aligned Arts Appreciation where we could connect about artistic passions.

When I wasn’t creating thusly for the community, I was answering endless streams of PMs from Abers. Individuals I love(d) with all my heart. Helping with so many video creations and postings, answering questions, listening to love-troubles, reflections and manifesting processes - supporting, encouraging, cheerleading. Soooo MUCH LOVE.

During all of that time, a group member fell in love with me and pursued me relentlessly. After many months of his charm and passionate pursuit, I fell in love with him as well. We decided to try out a life together even though it was a huge change for both of us and impacted many loved ones. After a short time together in person, we realized it wasn’t a good fit. We PEACEFULLY AND AMICABLY agreed to part ways. Enthusiastically, I encouraged him to explore life, get an RV and travel the country, visit nature and Abers - two of his favorites! I encouraged him to pursue romance with several women I thought might be a good fit for him. I even encouraged him to have many lovers…why not?!?! So many women radiated love to him. I thought it was only natural he would enjoy the company of the many women he loved and also loved him.

He liked my ideas very much and actually decided to buy an RV and travel the country. But right around this time, something in him shifted and he succumbed to fear and astonishingly dastardly behavior. He started gossiping about me, LYING ABOUT ME, triangulating and colluding with other group members and painting me as a bad person. (He took screen shots of a conversation where this was taking place and sent them to me.) I was gobsmacked and felt very betrayed and we agreed he should leave immediately. He departed right away and it was so very unpleasant. To add insult to injury, in the coming weeks he continued to gossip and lie about me. And members of the community I loved and had served passionately for a year got on board with his lies and shunned and ostracized me.

Presently, I am fully (and willingly) extricated from the community AND NOW (surprise for you all!!!!) the man I loved has apologized and admits he lied about me and manipulated people to think badly of me. He is eager to make “amends” (his word) and set things right. He is eager to see through the fear based operating systems within him that created the convolution. He is eager to have me in his life all day every day, just like it used to be. I took video footage of where he says all of that because I genuinely think no one would believe me!

Anyways, we shall see if there is any potential for reconnecting. Inspiration will inform me. I have no attachment to anything in that regard and am firmly engaged in creating my latest manifestations. (UPDATE: 12 hours after I wrote this, he triangulated and gossiped about me with a woman in the community AGAIN. I realize he doesn’t know what gossip and triangulation is. Do you know what those things are? Do you know when you’re doing them? Trust me when I say, it will help your vibration very much if you knock that off.)

In this message, I am taking this opportunity to stand up for myself and to bid you farewell. ANYONE that would believe the slander he perpetrated against me after a year of my prolific creations of deep love for all of you, from the bottom of my heart, I don’t care ONE IOTA WHAT YOU THINK.

In fact, HOW DARE YOU?

If you would believe bad things about me like he painted, you never deserved me. And I think you were likely just looking for an excuse to justify feeling badly about me because someone who manifests magnificently might have been a thorn in your side. I have been nothing but an angel to each and every one of you. To your faces AND behind your back. Whether you realize it or not, I was always thinking of what I could do to make your lives better. Fear and pain really screws up dignified priorities across the board. HE LIED TO YOU ABOUT ME and if you didn’t give pause - after all of the sincerity, love and devotion I have showered upon you over the past year- if you wanted to believe his lies - I THANK HIM for revealing to me YOUR VIBRATIONAL PROPENSITIES. You really all owe me a huge apology but it’s too late now as this is a very firm good bye to you all.

I am a person that has manifested the wealth, the health, the beauty, the friendships, the ROMANCE (too much sometimes!!), the creativity, the free time, the freedom, so much. If YOU chose to hitch yourself to HIS wagon and ostracize me, trust and believe that speaks volumes about YOUR vibration and very little about me. Good luck with that.

And if YOU don’t yet know about him and are considering involvement… just beware. Sister, just check me out. I am all about Goddess Empowerment and I revere my women friends. If you are in his crosshairs it will also happen to you unless he changes (which he recently said he is determined to do). But for the record, you’ve been warned. Be careful how much you trust him. He did this to his wife, to me and to others and he could very well do it to you. Gossip, triangulation, lying, repeatedly maneuvering into the role of the victim…have you not noticed this yet? Basking in sympathy and affection of lonely, romance-deprived women. Keep looking. Keep him in check. This is low vibe stuff people. Wake up. He doesn’t need it and neither do you and it’s lowering vibes all around. He will ABSOLUTELY try to maneuver into the role of the vulnerable boy/victim after this message posts, even if to say “yeah I did that… I’m going to go be alone for a while cuz I did a shitty thing and I’m sulking and punishing myself.” And that will garner sympathy and be fulfilling the vibe dynamic. If you are inclined to cater to this, that’s up to you. But I did that early on (in his various victim roles I was a rescuer/nurturer) and I saw where it leads. You done been warned.

All of that being said, it was really time for me to move on from this community. It was time for me to create the next chapter of my life. I evolved so very much over the year and a departure was in order. Did you know that literally all of my free time was taken up in service of the group? I actually felt strained. So apparently I co-created those events with him cuz I wasn’t leaving willingly. So Source made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Betrayal? Ok, I’m out!

And with that, I OFFICIALLY BID YOU ALL FAREWELL. I have enjoyed co-creating with you. I hope you enjoy(ed) the boatload of video dance parties of the past year - the other celebratory videos we co-created together. And all of the rest I contributed to the community.

On my general FB page, you might have noticed that the content I post is increasingly SEXY. That trend will continue due to my inspired action/manifesting purposes. It’s just the next phase of my manifesting and I realize it’s not “on brand” with Abers unless you’re an Aber that realizes the “turned on” aspect of “tuned in, tapped in, turned on” is referring to sex. Did I mention I am an amazing manifester? I was going to say that if my sexy imagery bothers you, you should unfriend/unfollow me. But instead I am just blocking you after I send this message. I am absolutely purging toxic “Aber” culture from my FB and my life.

You can’t see me now, but I am bowing and raising my arms in victory. I am an amazing manifester bitches! And I will continue to do that - just NOT in service of this community anymore.

If the content of the above confuses you, I will reiterate “I am NOT nice. I am loving.” There is a difference. And here is my article from July 2020 explaining that - “I am Not Nice. I am Loving. Here’s the Difference.”

I am loving. But I’ll be an Kick-Ass Empowered Ice Queen when circumstances require.


Where video production started:

Despite what you heard… I created, organized, edited and produced the Vortex Dancing Brigade singlehandedly. I was just being polite when it has been indicated I had a partner create this with me.

Birthday Celebrations and Get Well Wishes

Private Video collabs

Sparkle Aria episodes - my own personal project for children, inspired by and celebrating our circle of friends.

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