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Stepping Into the Law of Attraction Laboratory: Activating Curiosity, Inquiry and Fascination

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Many times when we are experiencing Contrast or Unwanted Manifestations we can experience “Wobbles.” This is because as we observe what is happening, a Lower Vibration is activated within us and that can be very unpleasant. Furthermore, THEN we can tailspin into Creating even more Unwanted Manifestations as we emanate the Lower Vibrations for a period of time. It’s murky territory and that’s why Abe encourages us to Pivot.

In my early adulthood, I spent 10 years as a Zen Monastic. Through extensive meditation practice and training, I developed what I feel is the perfect skillset to approach Observing Contrast and Unwanted Manifestations without descending into Lower Vibration Activation and I’d like to share it here. What I’m going to describe is essentially a way to approach your thoughts, feelings, and circumstances in a detached way, to take a giant step back and get a sense of the broadest picture possible. Doing this is very freeing. We don’t take ourselves so seriously, but rather generate/Activate a feeling of Curiosity, Inquiry, and ultimately - the very best - Fascination.

Can you see how Curiosity, Inquiry and Fascination are higher on the Emotional Scale than, say for instance, frustration, anger or despair? You’re looking at the same situation but with such a different perspective. And I contend, that our Inner Beings are PRESENT and flowing through us when we are experiencing Curiosity, Inquiry and Fascination. Whereas we Pinch Off that Energy when we Activate the Emotions/Vibrations on the Lower End of the Emotional Scale. When our Inner Beings are flowing through us we are able to access Infinite Intelligence: Intuitions and Inspired Actions that are being transmitted to us continuously. So with Inner Being holding us and viewing the situation with us, we are safe from Lower Vibe Activation and we are able to Consciously Deliberate about the situation and make Intelligent Choices/Inspired Actions.

Oftentimes I notice some of my LoA friends tend to speed up and distract themselves when Contrast or Unwanted Manifest. I can totally understand and appreciate the inclination to embrace that tactic. However, for me, when I was inclined to do that I Manifested mixed results pretty consistently because, in my running and distracting, I was ignoring/denying the presence of a Lower Vibe that was very Active and a huge part of my yield in my Creating. No amount of running or distracting could Deactivate that Vibration as well as turning and looking directly at it with my IB and saying “I see you… and I’m coming for you. I will dismantle you. I’m gonna study you and know everything about you. I’m going to diffuse you and raise my Vibrational Palette to the very Highest Vibes. You have no power over me. I’m the Energy that Creates Worlds DAMMIT! I am the BOSS OF ME.” That is EMPOWERMENT: very top of the Emotional Scale! And we can certainly talk to our lower Vibration Activations like that. I do believe this is the difference between the Step One Experience and the Step 4/5 Lifestyle.

So in the spirit of Curiosity, Inquiry, and Fascination I’d like to introduce a new concept I am calling “The Law of Attraction Laboratory!” We are Scientists with our Inner Beings as the Director of the Laboratory. We are simultaneously the Experiment Subject AND the Chief Scientist. When we step into the LoA Laboratory, we are READY to learn everything there is to know about ourselves, to Sort and Sift, to truly SEE our Active Vibrations and select what is working to advance us to the Manifestations of our Deepest Desires. And to throw Lower Active Vibrations on the trash heap where they belong (aka Deactivate them/raise them). We do NOT take ourselves personally, but rather lovingly dissect the Vibrational Composition of our Inner Landscape and Sort and Sift.

In the Law of Attraction Laboratory, the Vibrations involved are Curiosity, Inquiry and Fascination. Can you get Curious about your Contrast? About your part in it? And Inquire about/investigate the dynamic? And be Fascinated by the marvelous elegance of the system of LoA that brought you that Contrast/Unwanted Manifestation? As we approach unraveling and Sorting and Sifting through our Vibrational Palette, we can even become enthralled at what we are discovering about ourselves. From what we discover we can become eager and Empowered to exert Passionate Inspired Action. What I am describing here is a complete transformation, from REACTING to Contrast/Unwanted, to RESPONDING to Contrast/Unwanted. It is an extremely Intelligent and effective approach to fettering out those pesky Lower Vibes and eradicating them from our experience once and for all.

And then we THANK Contrast and Unwanted, for revealing ourselves to Ourselves. So much is Unconscious. And as we shine the bright light of our Inner Being, Infinite Intelligence, and really LOOK, then we TRULY become Deliberate Creators. Do not fear Contrast/Unwanted or run and distract. But rather step into the Law of Attraction Laboratory and be Curious. Inquire. Get Fascinated by the miraculous Creator that is YOU! Uncover all the hidden bits/Vibrations that are contributing to the fabric of your Experience. The results will Surprise and Delight you! And you can say with utmost CERTAINTY and SUPREME DELIGHT: I DID THAT!

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