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Solving Unwanted Manifestations and Their Underlying Vibrations - - A really helpful process...

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Many times in my life I have manifested unwanted situations because of an active vibration that was in the lower end of the emotional scale. I was so used to that vibration, I barely noticed it. The only way I could notice it was due to the manifestations! The lower vibe HAD to be there because of THAT manifestation. And I was gonna FIND IT and DEACTIVATE it. With Abe’s guidance I got pretty good at identifying and deactivating lower vibrations and I developed a process that I use every time I notice I’m manifesting unwanted things.

Here is the process that I have found that works for me plus an example. I have other examples but one is really all that it takes to describe the process. If you’re interested in more examples, I’d be glad to tell you more!


1) I observe the unwanted manifestation. I notice the feelings (vibrations) I have about that thing. With heightened awareness I notice how it feels in my body and emotions. I list the feelings.

2) I notice and list all the other areas that I have those same feelings. (There are ALWAYS MORE AREAS IN MY LIFE WHERE THAT FEELING/VIBE IS PRESENT… AND THAT IS WHY I’M MANIFESTING THUSLY.) After I have listed the vibration(s) and the areas in my life where the vibration is present, I have greater clarity.

3) THEN I make a new list. I list the OPPOSITES of the feelings from the first list. (I actually use the dictionary and thesaurus for this activity to pick the PERFECT new words).

4) And then, through meditation and imagination exercises, I calibrate to that new list of words/feelings/vibes. Before long, the unwanted manifestations dissipate and wanted manifestations take their place. Gradually.

Here is an example from right around the time I found out about LoA and Abe -

Unwanted manifestations: I had rashes/infections all over my face for almost a year. I also had infestations of ants, termites and a big flood in my home over the course of the year.

Feelings: vulnerable, undermined, attacked, hiding (I didn’t want anyone to see my face).

Where else I felt this in my life: relationships with family members. I had been ruminating about things that had happened in the past for a couple years and it was a very painful vibration. I definitely felt vulnerable, undermined, attacked, hiding.

Opposite Feelings: strong, impenetrable, safe, free.

Activities I did to generate opposite feelings:

For hours I envisioned myself free of all infection, soothed, easy, free. I envisioned myself with my arms up in the air, raised above the clouds, with so much power, dancing on the clouds! I meditated and allowed feelings of well-being and serenity to wash over me. I did artworks that were methodical, predictable, repetitive (knitting actually….TONS of knitting) because that felt very safe and easy to me. I also played solitaire a great deal. Just really helped me focus with an easy vibe. I CEASED ANY AND ALL THOUGHT regarding past trouble with family members. Totally and completely stopped thinking about any of that 100% of the time. Through these meditations and activities I generated a new vibration that became my predominant vibration, replacing the old one.

Result: Within a few days, all rashes and infections (that had plagued me for 8 months and that the doctors could not figure out) disappeared. The infestations and house problems disappeared. Within a couple of months I was on an Abe cruise. Esther was my next door neighbor and I met her in the hallway. Shortly after returning from the Abe cruise we moved to a new and better home and I very rarely had any infections/infestations ever again. But if they ever return, I know what to do!

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Aug 28, 2021

Good reading youur post

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