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Identifying and Activating the Vibration of Luxury & Some Super-fun & Effective Techniques I Created

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

When I was a little girl, my mother would drape a towel across my shoulders when my hair was wet, so my back and shoulders would stay cozy and dry. One time when she did that I said to her, “I feel like a PRINCESS!” That is an example of the feeling of Luxury.

When I was in my early 20s and just making my way in adult life, I lived without air conditioning and heat (quite an Adventure). From that experience I declared: “Luxury is to be cool when it is hot, and warm when it is cold.” That it so true! That is an example of the feeling Luxury.

About 15 years ago, when I was in my early 30s, I was so broke, in massive debt, and the internal pressure around that was a HUGE active Vibration within me (and why I had created the debt to begin with). It was a vibration with a stanky mix of panic, fear and shame. I used to feel this pressure arise around the notion of FILLING MY CAR WITH GAS. The cost felt so heavy to me. So I used to avoid getting gas and as my gas tank would dwindle down to the E and below, I would panic (!!!) and worry that I would not make it to the gas station in time! And then I would make it there in the nick of time! “PHEW!” It took my a fairly long while to recognize that I would be paying the same amount per gallon of gas no matter when I chose to fill my tank. Lol! That scenario is an example of the Vibration of Lack.

It wasn’t until I actually DID run out of gas, a 1/4 mile from the gas station I was rushing to, that I finally decided to take a look at what I was doing. Contrast leads to expansion! So I looked carefully at my whole process around the gas situation and realized that I WAS CREATING A SITUATION OF PANIC FOR MYSELF. That’s when I came to understand that if I simply filled my gas tank when it got down to a 1/2 tank or 1/4 tank, then I would eliminate that whole experience of panic. That 1/2 or 1/4 tank would be like a buffer from panic! A wonderful investment.

As I started to fill my gas tank regularly with those parameters, I felt light. I felt ease. I felt like I was being taken care of. I would stand at the pump, filling my tank, feeling GIDDY that I was so safe and would not run out of gas. I was Abundant in GAS!!! That is an example of the feeling of Luxury.

I wanted to outline these fun/funny stories, to show that Luxury is actually an easy Vibration to access/generate. It’s so very simple! (All Wanted Vibrations are very simple and easy to access actually. Pinching them off is quite hard! But Social Conditioning programs us to Pinch off ever-so-effectively. So undoing Social Conditioning is paramount to Allowing an easy flow of Wanted. But that is a topic for another article.)

Over the years I have developed many techniques and fun tricks for amplifying the Vibration of Luxury. It’s really one of my favorite Vibrations (you oughtta know!!!). Here, I will be outlining some of my favorites, old and new. But as a caveat, I must say, you can TRY my techniques, but the VERY BEST approach to amplifying Luxury in YOUR life is to let your Inner Being guide you about the topic. There are activities you will be Inspired to do that will Activate your Luxury Vibe in a very personal way. But for fun and to get the ball rolling, you can certainly try some of mine! Perhaps, even just reading my techniques will Inspire you to some great ideas for yourself. Ah, it’s really just so much fun.

Now, when I was first starting out, I didn’t realize I was Activating the Vibe of Luxury. I just really wanted to take care of myself, feel a sense of Ease and Relaxation, and have a lovely life. However, ALL of those experiences ARE THE VIBE OF LUXURY! At that time, I was Inspired to set everything up in my living space for optimal ease and the ultimate feeling of self-care. I wrote about this experience in an article “Be Your Own Butler.” Here is the link.

So those are some of my older techniques that activated the Vibe for my Expansion in Luxury. I still live like I describe in that article, except Elevated at this point. And also, at this point, I pay many people to do the Butler tasks for me. Lol! Yay Manifesting! To read more about the Trajectory of my Luxury Expansion and my Current Vantage Point please see this article.

Here are some of my latest techniques in Activating/Emanating the Vibration of Luxury:

Three-Deep Rule The Three-Deep Rule is so very important to my experience of Luxury in my home. I developed this rule after my transformation regarding filling my car with gas. Have you ever reached for the shampoo in your shower and you are on your last squirt? “No more shampoo for you!” The Three-Deep rule dictates that ANY product you use on a regular basis will be stocked Three-Deep in a cabinet, so if I DID just run out of shampoo, BAM I’ve got the next bottle at the ready. When I get to my last bottle, I immediately order 3 more. Do you see the vibe of Abundance here? This rule makes me feel taken care of. It makes me feel my needs and desires are extremely important and there are plentiful resources available to me. That is the Vibe of Luxury!

When I open my cabinets there are lines of products that I love. I savor the experience of reaching and the item(s) I need are immediately deployed into action. Same with my pantry! Same with my cleaning products! Same with my paper goods!

And it’s important to acknowledge that the initial investment of buying 3 of something instead of one, is actually an excellent investment. The cost might seem high, but you were going to buy them anyway, except on more of an installment plan. Lol! And the investment is in the feeling of Abundance, the feeling of the Lifestyle of Luxury. So we just rearrange the timing of the purchase of 3 and, along with your purchase, free of charge, you feel so Luxurious for weeks to come! And THAT grows even more Momentum. Very productive method in terms of activating the Vibration of Luxury.

A Sensual Buffet of Delights I take what I call a “Spa” almost every single day. I call it “Spa” because that sounds and feels more Luxurious than “Bath”. I don’t care if your taking your bath in a laundry tub! Call it “Spa” no matter what (or an even more Luxurious word if you have one in mind). Just changing the word…so effective! When I excuse myself from a conversation because “I am heading to Spa,” oh la la, I feel so fancy!! That’s the Luxury Vibration Activated!

When I decided to have daily Spa Time I did that SPECIFICALLY for the purposes of increasing the Vibration of Luxury. As I was designing my plan I had to think about what would feel TRULY Luxurious. What would Delight me? What did it feel like to be truly PAMPERED. What is a Spa session that would be fit for a Princess/Queen/Goddess?

Through that pondering I was Inspired to create a Buffet of Sensual Delights for my Spa. Instead of one body lotion, I would have 4 different types. I would have multiple choices for bath bombs, bubble bath, and so on. Again, the initial investment for a Buffet can feel like a high cost, but the product will last just as long as if you purchase them one at a time. And Wowza! The FEELING OF LUXURY! Ayayayaaay! I burst inside when I think about how my Vibration of Luxury skyrocketed! And if I could show you a picture of the Spa I started these methods in and then show you the Spa I’m in a year later, you would run right out and purchase a Buffet of Sensual Delights! I promise! (I might actually post those pics/vids one of these days.)

When I am taking a Spa and I look over and to say to myself, “hmmm what fragrance would I like today? What bath bomb colors and scents tickle my fancy?”, I feel so loved. I feel so pampered. I feel powerful and enthusiastic because I have MANY desirable options. THAT IS LUXURY! That is the VIBE OF LUXURY!

I even have a Buffet of toothpastes. I love that so much! You can buy a variety of pack of small tubes of toothpaste or one large tube for around the same cost. However, the small Buffet Activates the Luxury Vibration! So you’re going to get a great deal more than just toothpaste. When I go to brush my teeth, it’s such a tickly feeling to say, Oo La La! What flavor of toothpaste do I want to have todaaaay??? Ginger Mint? Jasmine Mint? Black Licorice? Cinnamon?” So. Much. Fun!

Flouncing This is my faaaavorite FAVORITE Luxury Vibe Activation Technique. It cracks me up because it’s funny, fun, silly, and FABULOUUUUS! I developed the Flouncing Technique because I noticed that when I see old-timey movie stars in their flowing robe gowns, moving about in an exaggerated manner, they just seem so CHIC to me. So decadent! They exude Luxury, Elegance, Eleganza!

So, I bought a few long flowy lacy robes. Lol! And started wearing them around the house every day, moving about in overly graceful fashion. I would spritz myself with fancy perfume, do a twirl, a sigh, and walk away with a swoosh and sashay! I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. I did this several times a day, throughout the day, around the same time that I developed the Spa with a Buffet of Sensual Delights. I had that Luxury Vibe Momentum goin’ baby!

Again, I’d love to show you the home in which I started my Flouncing practice and where I ended up a year later. My new house is more than twice the size of that previous house and decked out with marble, Grecian columns, ornate fountains, walls of mirrors, and so on. Now, my Flouncing has the PERFECT SETTING! You see? I became a Flouncer and Source led me to the perfect setting! I mean, seriously, it’s so hilarious to me!

As you can see from my 3 examples, it’s all really just fun! And playing! And Experimenting with Activating Vibrations. And as we Activate a Vibration and Emanate it over and over LIFE MUST DELIVER Manifestations that mirror, support and perpetuate that Vibration. That is the Law!

I’d love to hear any Luxury Vibe Activation Techniques YOU have developed or if you develop any in the future.

Thanks for reading! I love Law Of Attraction! And I love YOU!

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