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Two Very FAST AND EFFECTIVE Meditations/Games for Raising (maybe even SkyRocketing) Your Vibration

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

The “Yes, Thank you Meditation” Length of Time for this Meditation: I typically do this Meditation for about 10 -15 minutes, but you can do it for as long or a short amount of time as you like. It’s most effective once you achieve the feeling/experience I describe below.

When I was 18 years old I saw a video series about Manifesting. I do not recall the name of the presenter nor the name of the series. But something that has stayed in my mind ever since was when the speaker described how the Universe responds to your thoughts. He said that you must Appreciate the goodies you are given and say “Thank you! I would like some more please.” And with that statement and the Vibration behind it, the Universe will gladly give you more and more and more. I never forgot that!

In my young adulthood, I was a Zen Monastic. My Zen Teacher would emphasize the attitude of “saying Yes to Life.” She was indicating that the attitude of “yes-ness” (Open, Expansive Vibration) would result in a life of enjoyment and opportunities, rather than contracting and limited.

So in my mid-thirties I was inspired to take both of those teachings I had heard and I created the “Yes, THANK YOU!” Meditation. Here’s how it works. I lay on my bed and simply start to say “Yes, thank you.” over and over again. A warm feeling starts to emanate from my body. As I repeat the phrase, the warm feeling grows and grows. Before long, waves of Bliss and explosive Appreciation, start to wash over my body over and over again, every time I say “Yes and Thank you!” The feeling is so HUGE, it must be experienced to understand the astonishing response in the body from those two simple words. It’s like waves of bliss, golden light, emanating from my entire being, welling up, shining and streaming through and out of my body. It’s such a visceral example of what it is to VIBRATE an emotion/feeling. I can feel myself BEAMING a signal to the Universe, saying YES and THANK YOU.

Oh my GOODNESS, when I was inspired to start doing this meditation, my life SKYROCKETED. I IMMEDIATELY, met my future husband and fell deeply in love with him. We were married a year later. I had just moved to a new, exciting, dynamic city and was being taken on a whirlwind of exploration. Within a year I was no longer working. I began doing whatever I wanted all day, every day. And I even got my very first daily housekeeper so I didn’t even have to do any daily housework. I went on dozens of festive and exotic vacations, chic parties, and basically had the time of my life. The “Yes, Thank you” Meditation is EXTREMELY powerful and effective.

The “ABC Game” Length of Time for this Game/Meditation: I continue to play the ABC Game until I feel satisfied my Vibration has shifted to where I want it. Sometimes I’ll play it for 30 seconds, other times I will play it for 5 minutes. On rare occasions, I have played it for hours!

The other simple, yet super fast and effective meditation I love having in my arsenal is Abe’s “ABC Game.” I can’t count how many times I’ve mentioned it to my Aber friends and they had never heard of it, so I must outline it here. It’s da BOMB!!!! You can google to hear Abe talk about it. Below are simple instructions on how to play and my experiences with the ABC game.

To play the ABC game, you simply lie down and close your eyes and begin to select High Vibrational words that begin with each letter of the alphabet. As you say each word in your mind, you let the feeling of that word, the Vibration of that word wash over you, emanate from you. Here is an example: Amaaaazing, Brilliant, Creativity, Delicious, Ecstasy, Fabulouuuuus, Gorgeous… and so on, all the way through the alphabet. You can really feel the Vibration of the words emanating from you as you Focus upon them. It’s a fantastic Basking technique! Even as I am proofreading this article, and reading the words aloud, I can FEEL the glow from saying them!

I use the ABC game any time I’m feeling unwell. Like if I feel physical pain of any kind, I immediately start playing the ABC Game and it almost always promptly alleviates the pain. For instance, since I learned about the ABC game, I have used it every time I have felt nauseous and it has completely relieved the nausea every time. I also use the ABC game, if I feel my Vibe is a little wonky. I might be walking through my house and notice I have a little funk in my Vibe, and instead of waiting to see what I manifest from that funk, I just go ahead and start playing The ABC game in my mind. And I can feel myself immediately re-Calibrate to much more friendly Vibrational Territory.

Perhaps you’ll be Inspired to add these two techniques to your Law of Attraction toolkit! I’d love to hear any games or special kinds of Meditations you have discovered that work for you! We really can use all the help we can get to support our High Vibe Living. :)

I love LoA and I love YOU! Toodles!

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