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Four Processes I Discovered to Manifest Exquisite Romance in my Life

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

An interesting thing about Manifesting our deepest desires is that so often we don’t know exactly what we want. And that is actually such a wonderful feature about Manifesting because GUESS WHAT! Source knows what we want so very deeply and we have the opportunity to be surprised and delighted by what Source delivers into our experience.

Source carefully crafts magically exquisite goodies for us, beyond our wildest dreams or imagination. Source concocts a Manifestation for us that is so intricately multifaceted, including SO MANY of our preferences, that when this Manifestation emerges into our lives, we can only EXCLAIM, “Holy moly! I had NO IDEA it could be THIS GOOD.” The Manifestation is so elegant, so detailed, so CHOCKED FULL, of dreams/desires big and small from over the course of our lives. The Manifestation meets so many criteria, remembered and unremembered, all rolled into one big GIFT for us to enjoy. Source is the MASTER GIFT GIVER. And when we receive that Manifestation, we can feel so valued, so cherished, so seen, heard, understood, respected and so deeply LOVED.

And our ONLY JOB is to feel good and follow Inspired Action. That is IT. Once we are firmly on the path of feeling good and taking Inspired Action, Life becomes a barrage of goodies, a bevy of delights that CONSTANTLY STREAM into our experience. It’s freakin’ PHENOMENAL.

I wanted to preface this article with all of that because I would like to touch upon Romance. For those of us who have not experienced Exquisite Romance just yet, Manifesting it can seem like such a mystery. It certainly was for me. I didn’t meet my husband until I was in my late 30s. Prior to meeting him, the men in my experience were consistently very disappointing! LOL! It was not until I changed my Vibrational Offering, created an internal atmosphere that involved giving, receiving and engaging love within, that I was prepared to Manifest the experience of my Exquisite Loving Romance with my husband. Source picked him/Created him for me for good reason! He was and continues to be the perfect Cooperative Component for me - in creating the life and love of my/our dreams. Everything about our connection is imbued with Love and Inspiration. And that love keeps evolving and growing to incredible new heights, an upward spiral of discovery, delight, love and enjoyment.

Four things I did to Transform My Internal Atmosphere to a Culture of Love

Prior to loving myself, I had many internal pressures, inner conflicts, low Vibe Activations, and my relationships reflected that. Through spiritual development, I started to shift my Internal Atmosphere to a much more loving place.

FALLING DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH MY AUTHENTIC SELF The first thing I did was I fell in love with my authentic self. Not the “self” I created to fit the mold of society’s prescribed version of “the right person.” NO. I fell in love with the real me. The “me” that social conditioning had taught me to abandon. I delved deeply within, retrieved her, fell in love with her and she fell in love with me! This is a link to an article I wrote that describes the 3-Step Process of how I fell deeply in love with myself.

Falling deeply and passionately in love with my authentic self was the most hugely important thing that I ever did which created an Inner Culture of Love and prepared me for love in my life. Prior to that, I couldn’t engage with love. I did not have the receptor sites for it. As long as I was disconnected and unloving towards my deepest, most authentic self, I could not and would not have accepted love from anybody else because I did not yet know how to receive (or give) love. Prior to falling in love with myself, my tendencies revolved around lower Vibes, internal pressures and conflicts, and those were my internal receptor sites as well.

As you can see in the article, falling in love with myself was a natural organic process. It’s not something that can be forced. But I am certain if you intend it for yourself, it will happen. And in your own special way too, maybe with all kinds of different steps! A glorious journey and an astounding Manifestation indeed. And when we love our true authentic self, deeply and passionately, then it can only follow that we will attract people and situations where we love and are loved deeply and passionately. Perfect atmosphere/Vibration for Exquisite Romance!

EXQUISITE SELF-CARE The second thing I did was I started to take EXTREMELY good care of myself. This yummy process is described in this article.

Essentially, I became very sensitive and loving about my preferences (big and small) and endeavored to make all of the dreams come true in that regard. If I cared about my wants, needs, preferences then it can only follow that I would attract people and situations that valued my wants, needs and preferences as well. Another perfect atmosphere/Vibration for Exquisite Romance!

SNUGGLING SESSIONS WITH MYSELF! The third thing I did that contributed to Manifesting Exquisite love was that I cultivated a culture of snuggling in my daily experience. Prior to cultivating a culture of snuggling, when I would wake up in the mornings, I would feel pressured to get out of bed, get productive, get moving, stop wasting time. Sheesh! It was so unpleasant! I noticed that when I had a lover who had spent the night, we would just snuggle in the morning, and that pressure was eliminated. It just felt so cozy, and sweet, easy and fun. I realized, why can’t I just feel THAT way every morning, regardless if there’s anyone there with me or not? Wouldn’t that be lovely?

So each morning, especially on weekends when I didn’t have to get up for work, I pretended that I was snuggling with someone. The first time I did it, I actually sobbed lots of tears! Part of me yearned for that snuggly love so deeply! And this new practice was healing that place in my heart. Snuggling with myself became my new way to start the day. I would hold a pillow, or wrap my arms around myself. I would stroke my own arms, kiss my own hand, stare out the window at the trees and sunlight. Just basking and holding myself so lovingly! HUGE Vibrational Shift! I was creating the receptor sites inside of my mental/emotional/Vibrational self that could give and receive oodles of snuggly love each and every morning! Another perfect atmosphere/Vibration for Exquisite Romance.

REDEFINING THE “RULES” ABOUT FEMININITY The final thing I did that contributed to Manifesting Exquisite love was that I ALLOWED myself to become my personal version of a Romantic Leading Lady. This may sound strange, but back at that time, I had so many limiting beliefs about who I could or SHOULD be as a woman. My social conditioning impressed upon me SO MANY limitations. For instance, I could be pretty but not TOO pretty because that would be “threatening to other women” and it would also be VERY VAIN if I did that. It was also impressed upon me that I could not depend on a man for anything ESPECIALLY, but not limited to, MONEY. This made me feel a great deal of pressure and inner conflict inside. On the one hand, I wanted to relax and allow a man to surprise and delight me (just like the Universe) but on the other hand, I had a Vibration that was saying, “I must, can and WILL do everything all by myself, thank you very MUCH!” I would not permit men to pay for me on dates. I was circumspect about receiving gifts and allowing him to buy me treats while we were out. Sheesh! Soooo unfun, for him and me!

After I threw both of these beliefs (and their correlating Vibrations) on the trash heap, I emerged, I stepped into the FULLNESS of my authentic Feminine Essence. I Allowed and encouraged myself to become as BEAUTIFUL as I could possibly want. That self-acceptance was invigorating. As I began to embody my expression of my feminine self, I began to radiate. I felt confident, so juicy and extremely lovable, uniquely special, so gloriously vibrant! As I accentuated, embraced and celebrated my expression of my Feminine beauty, I could only then attract more accentuating, embracing and celebrating! I began to positively GLOW: the beauty shining from within and Manifesting without. And I became FLOODED with romantic options and that felt very good to me, so very joyfully empowering.

When I overthrew the notion that I couldn’t and shouldn’t rely on men for anything, that I needed to do everything myself… boy oh boy that was a big heavy weight (Vibration) I discarded. I began to feel regal. “Yes, I am very good at many things, but boy, if you wanna get with me, you better be good at them too! Cuz I ain’t doin’ it all by myself!” I developed very, very high standards. I realized since I really am so very good at so many things, he must be akin to a KING who can really broaden my horizons and surprise and delight me in ways I have never even imagined. And men were INSPIRED BY THIS. They wanted to be their best selves because I was very loving, very radiant and beautiful, and I had very high standards. This was a glorious co-creation for all involved. We were all feeling very high-Vibe and Manifesting loving interactions.

Among the veritable FLOOD of men that emerged into my experience, eager to love me and please me, I found my amazing husband, Creon. Even his name delights me! I could never be with a plane-named dude. I just couldn’t! Source knows that about me. LOL! Creon was a NASA aerospace engineer at the time which felt thrilling to me. He has since retired from NASA and works with his friends in the aerospace industry. Aside from a mind-bogglingly cool-ass career, Creon is also a Renaissance Man who knows so much about so many fascinating topics. He loves music, the arts, philosophy, traveling and so much more. Creon LOVES to listen to my ideas and he can expand upon them brilliantly, consistently taking me to new places in thought through our conversations (like no one else can). He is handsome, combining all of my favorite features from the time I was a young girl. He is charming, charismatic, kind, generous, and has a bajillion fascinating friends. And CREON LOVES ME SO MUCH! He fell deeply in love with and continues to love my AUTHENTIC SELF (just like I created), he loves to bask and snuggle with me (just like I created), he loves my feminine radiance and celebrates it every other moment (LOL!) (just like I created), and he consistently wants to help me in any way he can, allowing me to relax and enjoy life (just like I created). Creon was/is the perfect reflection of the Inner Culture I had cultivated and created through the steps I outlined above. We have been together 9 years.

So if Manifesting Exquisite Romance feels like a mystery to you, investigate your Inner Culture. Try reflecting about falling madly in love with your true authentic self, taking exquisite care of yourself, snuggling with yourself, discarding limiting beliefs about possibilities in romance, and expressing your version of yourself as the romantic lead in your life. This kind of transformation is such an exciting and delicious journey in and of itself! To know ourselves, love ourselves, express ourselves and radiate our beauty… that’s bliss really! And then just to think! Oh my gosh! At the end of THAT beautiful Experience, we get to have the entire internal transformation mirrored in an external relationship: An Exquisite Romance! Yes indeed, YES Indeedy!

I love Law of Attraction and I LOVE YOUuuuu! Thank you for reading.

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