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Experiments In Amplifying an Atmosphere Of Dignity (aka the Vibration of Dignity)

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Abraham Hicks, one of my spiritual teachers, talks about the possibility of being a “deliberate creator.” This past week I have started a new experiment. Every week I will deliberately amplify one vibration. I will create an inspired to-do list that I feel will accentuate that vibration and focus each of my moments all week on accentuating that particular vibration (as much as I am able). And I shall report on the results! For this past week I selected the vibrational atmosphere of “dignity.”

I enjoy cultivating atmospheres (vibrations) that encompass many desired feelings. “Dignity” encompasses so many wonderful qualities: grace, elegance, compassion, peace, goodwill, serenity, optimal functionality. The list goes on, truly. In this article I discuss the techniques I used for cultivating the feeling (vibration) of dignity and the results (manifestations) that arose over the course of the week.

The reason I selected this particular feeling is because I was recently betrayed by a very close friend - who told a lie about me - that created a false drama. That is how fear behaves sometimes. I realized my only job in this situation was to restore dignity in my life: the atmosphere of dignity.

Anytime something that feels unfortunate happens it’s best if we do not dwell on thoughts and feelings about that for too long. Otherwise those thoughts and feelings become predominant in our lives. I find it helpful to process what happened at first, but then there comes a point when it is time to move on and cease to rehash the situation in my mind. If I rehash the situation in my mind too much for too long those thoughts and feelings begin to take over, and grow and grow. Then it is as though, the difficult thing that happened starts to own my life experience. When I recognize I am heading too far down that path, I find it very helpful to identify and summon the thoughts and feelings that have the atmosphere that I prefer, thoughts and feelings that feel good so THOSE are predominant experience in my life instead. It is a beautiful kindness to myself to shift my thoughts and feelings towards what I prefer to be my life experience.

I feel that the Spiritual Universe provides us with difficult experiences in order to amplify the aspects of ourselves we long to have strengthened, so that we can experience life with that new atmosphere enhanced. And move forward creating beauty with that new atmosphere. So when my friend betrayed me, and I recognized I longed to feel dignity, then I knew the Spiritual Universe provided that experience to guide me towards feelings of dignity.

Whether or not you agree with that sentiment, you can see how that is a useful train of thought: highlighting the positive yield from a seemingly lousy experience. If we can look at each challenge we face, discover the beautiful atmosphere that is required to create the inner and outer harmony we seek, then every challenge becomes a blessing. Every challenge brings us evermore into the life of our dreams.

There are so many creative (and fun!) ways to create an atmosphere, to cultivate a feeling (vibration). To activate and cultivate a sense of dignity, I developed the following list of activities. This list draws upon my extensive background in Zen Meditation, Education, Theater, and Law of Attraction teachings and practice. I share these because I am really good at creating the life of my dreams and I am inspired to help others through sharing my ideas/techniques.

The following is a list of what I did to cultivate an atmosphere of dignity. Deliberate creating INDEED! (I phrase all techniques using “you” but really I was talking to myself. And now also YOU!

  • Body (In the Chekov method of acting via Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophy) the actor is instructed to “put the emotion in the body and the mind will follow.)

Walk and sit with straight (but comfortable) posture. Glide gracefully when walking. Feel the floor beneath your feet as you walk. Enjoy the pressure, texture.

Graceful stretching - especially areas that tend to feels sore. Wonderful self-care and prevention of pain.

Exquisite self-care - - very focused sensual bathing, teeth-brushing, lotioning, slow sensual hair brushing. Really feel all of these lovely rituals of self-care.

Make up - Even if you are not going anywhere. Putting on make up can feel like a celebration of your face and beauty, if done with that intention. And every time you look in the mirror over the course of the day, you admire the beauty you see.

Wear elegant clothing to lounge around the house instead of sweats, hoodies, leggings, etc. - I enjoy lingerie, silk/lacy robes or kimonos. Feels oh-so-dignified. Truly! Adorn as well: necklaces, rings, bracelets. Feeeeeling yo’self!

Eat elegant food with pretty plates and a cloth napkin - my favorites lately are French omelettes and Mediterranean-style or Nicoise Salad.

  • Mind

Be fully present in the moment as much as possible (instead of nattering thoughts). Appreciate and absorb through your senses: sights, sounds, smells etc. Focus as much in the present moment as possible and frequently as possible. This definitely enhances a sense of elegance.

And this one is very important: Monitor thoughts and direct them only to dignified thoughts. This is challenging to do especially if you have just been through a difficult situation. However, it is essential. Meditation is the best tool for developing the skill to direct your attention and lovingly selecting your thought trajectory.

Limit online incoming information - it is easier to stabilize into a feeling of dignity with less input from outer influences.

Limit interaction with others - Interact only with people who lend an air of dignity to the conversation.

  • Ambiance

Tidy up very lovingly at the beginning of the day, so your space feels beautiful and functional. Make the bed. Arrange everything so it’s functional, beautiful, fully stocked and pleasurable. I call this “house luv” and the point is to feel as though you live in a 5-star resort hotel.

Play beautiful music, such as harp, flute, piano, French standards, or any other music that makes you feel very elegant.

Light candles, incense, a fire in the fireplace. Ambiance truly works for creating a a palpable atmosphere. You’ve heard the expression “getting in the mood” in terms of seduction… well you have the power to create a mood for yourself. It’s always possible and very productive to be “in the mood.”

  • Activities

Any soothing artistic activity enhances the feeling of dignity- draw, paint, knit, embroider, whatever you know how to do. Feel very elegant as you do your creativity. Let it flow. Listen to elegant music with candles/incense burning as you do this.

Develop a creative project that specifically highlights “Dignity.” For me, I chose to create videos and photos of myself as an angel. Even just wearing the wings and holding the sword enhanced a feeling of dignity within me.

Watch, read, or listen to an audio book of any period drama. Jane Austen for instance. e.g. Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility. (I THOUGHT I would do this. But I ended up watching kick ass female-spy movies and sci-fi. You choose! But the moral of the story is inspiration leads the way.)


I followed much of this list for one week and here are some developments (manifestations) that happened to me that arose from a strong atmosphere of dignity:

I released all residual negative feelings about the experience of my friend’s betrayal. My moment to moment experience is now free of any painful thoughts or feelings. I even extended kindness and a welcome to process what happened to the friend. That simply felt like a good thing to do within my strong feelings of dignity. While we will never be close friends again it definitely feels good to have accepted what happened and move forward with goodwill and kindness in my heart.

I can hear God/Source within me so clearly lately. Actual words in my mind that light me up inside. This sensing is amazing intuitive knowing.

One of my dogs had been demonstrating disrespectful behavior for many months and this behavior had recently been escalating. As I amplified an atmosphere of dignity, I started to respond differently to her disrespect. Within 2 days, her behavior completely changed. Where she had been acting sassy and defiant for months and months, she was transformed into sweet and obedient. My husband and I are marveling at the change in her!

My husband treated me like a Queen, even more than usual. An air of peace, quiet, serenity. He also gave me more alone time for my beloved quietude and reverie.

My creativity skyrocketed with the new inspiration and feeling of dignity. I feel greater clarity about who I am and what I intend to create.

My husband acquired a new video camera, increasing the quality of the videos I create immensely! I also learned a great deal more about my computer.

Cleared out a lot of storage being used and learned new apps for optimal creative potential. In general, all of my electronics started working much better and I became more adept at using them.

I started making beautiful new friends and expanding my social circle.

AND THIS IS THE BIGGEST ONE WHICH CAME AT THE END OF THE WEEK: I realized that most people are fearful. I did not realize this before.

All of this in one week of enhancing the atmosphere of dignity! It’s easy and fun to experiment with atmosphere, vibration and creating your reality!

Thank you for reading. And cheers to dignity! May you feel as dignified as you could ever want! And may you be capable of creating any atmosphere in your life that you desire.

Coming up next I will be experimenting with “Enchantment.” Increasing the atmosphere of enchantment. Report to come!

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