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Experiences with Manifesting Weight Gain and Weight Loss from a Canary in a Coal Mine

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Once upon a time, I had an Aber friend who indicated that my experiences with Manifesting weight loss and gain weren’t a very valuable contribution because the amount of weight I was dealing with wasn’t significant in her mind.

While she was accurate in the perspective that my weight loss and gain is subtle relative to some, I sense very deeply that my insights about the topic are of tremendous value. So I am sharing them with you now! The stories and processes outlined below are relevant to ANY WANTED MANIFESTATION including, but not limited to, weight loss.

I refer to myself as a “Canary in a Coal Mine”in the title of this piece because the Canary has high sensitivity to carbon monoxide levels in the air of the coal mine. When the canary dies, the coal miners evacuate. I am highly sensitive to subtle weight gain. When I see that extra weight, I know my Vibe is off - get the miners out! Because if I do not clean up that Vibe, I will Manifest more Unwanted if I’m not already doing so. Monitoring my weight, I have had illuminating opportunities to examine underlying Vibrations and clean them up with very swift success before the Vibration snowballs.

“Canary in a Coal Mine” also refers to how my insights can be helpful to those who are interested in having information/insight into the connection between physical weight and Vibration. I report my observations regarding subtle weight fluctuations, subtle Vibrational shifts and subtle Manifestations. (i.e. I am the canary sensing the subtleties in the air.) And that information can absolutely be applied to “problems,” Contrast and Unwanted Manifestations of any magnitude. (i.e. any reader who feels they’ve gotten some useful information could be considered a miner!) Anyways, tweet tweet! LOL!

Manifesting Weight Loss In every experience I am about to outline below, the process is the same. I ask my Inner Being why I am carrying extra weight. My Inner Being gives me mental flashes of a situation in my life, and tells me what I need to do about that situation to shift my Vibration. And when I shift my Vibration, the excess weight will be released. I follow the instructions and my Inner Being is always right. And as a side note - My Inner Being has never said “eat differently” or “exercise more.” However, the shift in my Vibration may lead me to eating differently or moving around more. But that doesn’t really matter - What matters is the Vibrational Shift. Without the Vibe Shift, what I eat and how much I exercise won’t make a difference, IMO.

So the process looks like this and can be applied to Manifesting anything.

1. Noticing Unwanted -I notice the extra weight and the scale is not budging for many days.

2. Ask Inner Being for Guidance - I realize my Vibe must be attracting that extra weight. I ask my Inner Being, why I am carrying extra weight.

3. Receive answers - My Inner Being gives me mental images/flashes of a person and/or a situation.

4. Take Inspired Action - My Inner Being then gives me instructions about how to shift that Vibration. I follow those instructions and those instructions ARE Inspired Action.

5. As a result of the Inspired Action, my Vibration shifts. Within a couple of days after I take the Inspired Action, the weight falls away.

This is all like clockwork. I include two detailed examples below.

I realize that the process I outlined above requires steady Alignment and adeptness at the Art of Allowing. Perhaps you’re not quite there yet, perhaps you are! In general, it’s just wonderful to know what’s possible. Our Inner Beings are always there, with all of the answers. It really can be THAT EASY to hear the information and Manifest anything we want. I Manifest everything I want at a pretty rapid pace and that process is exactly how I do it. I have other processes as well for harnessing LoA, but that one is a biggie.

Here are two examples of Weight Loss through Vibrational Shifting.

Example 1 - June 2019 I was carrying an extra 5 lbs. I was mystified about this and finally thought to ask my Inner Being what was up. Immediately, I got a mental flash in my mind’s eye. It was of my daily housekeeper in my kitchen chatting with me. Inner Being said (in words in my mind), “you must fire her if you want to lose the weight. There is a heaviness to that connection.” Immediately, I knew that was true. I felt a subtle people pleasing tendency towards her. I also felt I was paying her too much. I ALSO felt fearful to NOT have her help. Those were the Underlying Vibrations that were causing the heaviness.

I went ahead and fired her. Immediately, I felt free. I felt light, happy. Each morning I performed the daily tasks and I dubbed that 90 mins of tasks “House Luvin.’” House Luvin’ became my daily dance where I tenderly cared for my beautiful home. I felt good having privacy and my sanctuary uninterrupted each day. I felt so safe, relaxed, easy, flowing. Within 2 days, the 5 lbs fell away.

(A side note: It’s noteworthy to acknowledge that House Luvin involved 90 mins of moving rather vigorously around my house. FWIW)

I continued to House Luv for months and then I felt Inspired to hire back my housekeeper! She returned and worked many days/hours for me for a couple of months, until I moved to a different city. THE WEIGHT DID NOT RETURN because I had shored up my Higher Vibrations and Deactivated the Lower Vibrations.

Example 2 - June 2020 (just this past month) I noticed I was carrying an extra 3 lbs. It had mysteriously come upon me over the course of a few weeks. Each day I would see the number on the scale and be like “what?!?!” And I would say to myself, “oh it will go back down tomorrow.” But each morning it wasn’t going down! I decided to ask my Inner Being what was going on.

Immediately my Inner Being sent me mental images of a friend I had been having some tense encounters with for several months. I could see her face in my mind’s eye and I could hear her name.

You see, she was a friend who repeatedly expressed a critical lens towards my contributions about Law of Attraction when we would talk. I was regularly interrupted, cut off, subtly and not so subtly dismissed (she’s even the friend who was dismissive about my perspectives on weight loss that I mentioned in the beginning of this article.) The vibration I felt was "undervalued" and "disrespected" and that was what needed to shift. She is not the only person I Manifested that dynamic with, but she is the person it happened with most. AND, even more significant, she was the person my IB indicated was the key to shifting my Vibration.

After I had the mental images of my friend, my Inner Being instructed me that I must write her a “No-Send Letter.” If you don’t know what a No-Send Letter is it’s basically the way it sounds. You write down all of your thoughts and feelings to the person, but you don’t send them the letter. You write it down to get everything off your chest, to get to the bottom of your feelings and it’s actually quite freeing! I went ahead and wrote her a No-Send letter. I felt pleased that I had clarity regarding the friendship after my writing, but I didn’t feel very dramatically different. Just pleased! But as it turns out, the next morning I was 2 lbs lighter. Just 1 lb left and I would be back to my desired weight! I was jazzed that I thought I had figured it out. But no… the situation, and the upcoming Vibrational Shift, turned out to be much more involved than I had thought.

The 2 lbs came back the next day. Later that same day, I had an extremely FORTUNATE, ILLUMINATING Contrast experience with this friend. Again, she was belittling my perspectives about Law of Attraction, not so subtly this time! All at once, I became filled with passion. The exchange with her got me SO AMPED to write down EVERY SINGLE THING I think and feel regarding Law of Attraction. I was glowing. I was radiating. I was beaming golden light from my solar plexus, out the top of my head. THIS WAS THE VIBRATIONAL SHIFT. Supreme Empowerment.

When I had first asked about the situation, my IB indicated that I needed to write in order to shift the Vibration. And my IB indicated the connection with HER was relevant to my writing. When I surmised I was going to be writing a No-Send Letter, that was just because I wasn’t yet ready to understand the magnitude of what I would be writing. My Inner Being started me off small and then BROUGHT ON CONTRAST, with her, to activate Inspired Action and Expansion.

Due to this contrast, I skyrocketed to Empowerment. I now feel tremendous value and self-respect, deeply to the core of my being. And I will no longer back down from sharing my perspectives ever again. All of my personal reflections, insights, ideas, every fun and totally effective LoA process/mind trick that I made up, are currently pouring from me through my writing. They just KEEP COMING! Additionally, I am also having the most fun I have ever had in my life, with the nicest, most interesting, playful people I have ever known. A whole new paradigm of delightful friendships! Everything is so DELICIOUS. AND I LOST 4 LBS, not just 3. LOL!

(Another side note: due to so much passionate writing, I end up eating a lot less. I just forget about eating! FWIW)

And for the record, I deeply bow in gratitude to my Cooperative Components, my housekeeper and my friend. I feel my relationships with them were Manifestations based on my lower Active Vibrations. With my housekeeper I mentioned I felt subtle people pleasing and obligation tendencies. With my friend, I felt undervalued and disrespected. Those were MY VIBES they were mirroring. I DID THAT. And they have been so tremendously valuable in making me aware of my Vibration. I emit only Appreciation and Love to both of them and I am very hopeful that they too, found Expansion through the Contrast with me.

I actually wrote about the second example in greater detail in the article: “The Tale of My VERY LATEST Series of Unwanted Manifestations and How My Resulting Immense Expansion Unfolded” Here is the link.

Thanks for reading! I love LoA! And I love YOU!

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