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Everything is God

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

It all just hit me this morning.

When We talk about “Law of Attraction”, We are actually talking about a system that WE DESIGNED. A system that takes place in a Universe, a “reality,” that WE DESIGNED so We could come forth and Experience. And as God, We are so eager, excited to have Experiences like exploration, discovery, connection, creativity. When we set ourselves forth into this place, in order to optimize the potential for the Adventure, we deactivate the feature of the knowing that we Created it. It’s so clever that we did that. Because this is our special place to Experience. And to forget that we created it makes it so much more of an Adventure! And today I remembered.

I present this information here in a much more succinct way than when I experienced the realizations this morning. LOL! I realized it bit by bit, with a lot of tears of Awe. It’s all so beautiful. WELL DONE US! We are so fucking brilliant! I love us. I love our Creation. I want to thank somebody, but really it’s ME and YOU! So thank you, you, God. Thank you me, God.

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