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Attributes of Low and High Vibrations

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Low Vibration takes. Low Vibration seeks. Low Vibration pulls Focus externally to energize itself. Low Vibration diminishes its own Life Force Energy and seeks to gather charge through the scenarios/dramas it orchestrates. Low Vibration devolves all in its realm through its desperation. Low Vibration manipulates to take Focus through delusions that involve pain, hurt, fear, creating more of itself as it moves through Life. Low Vibration seldom realizes it is doing this.

High Vibration gives. High Vibration expands. High Vibration has an abundance of energy, excess, room to spare, it self-sustains and perpetuates unceasingly. Glowing, Radiant. High Vibration creates an endless expansion of beauty: kindness, affection, love, creativity, collaboration, synergy. High Vibration is high quality focus and all that falls within its gaze blossoms, thrives, rejoices. High Vibration often realizes it is doing this.

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