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An Extremely Practical Pivot Technique I Created that Helped Me Clear Up Low Vibes and Unwanted Mani

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Last year I developed a really great Pivot technique that freed me from some of the last vestiges of a lower Vibe that led to so much Unwanted Manifesting regarding “other people.” The process I developed, that I am about to describe, can work for many things. It is easy to do if you have the wherewithal to redirect your focus. You’ll see what I mean. If you do NOT yet have that wherewithal to redirect your own focus by choice (i.e. if your focus is COMPELLED to various thought patterns for the most part) then a meditation practice will really help with developing/strengthening the ability to select where you direct your Focus. (I had been meditating for decades, so I had/have the ability to direct my Focus.)

At the time, I had just joined Thoughts to Things (an awesome Abe Facebook Group). When I arrived there, I started learning Law of Attraction terms that were new for me, even though I had been listening to Abe for a couple of years. I came across the phrases: “Focus on the Wanted Rather than the Unwanted,” and “Pivot.” I became passionate about learning what these terms meant. And since words don’t teach it was so important that I followed my research with experimentation and application in my own life. That’s the only way to really LEARN and integrate Law of Attraction practices in our lives.

Through discussions with peeps on TTT, I came to understand that when you “Pivot” you are basically taking your Focus (attention) away from the Unwanted situation/Manifestation - and the unpleasant Vibration that is stimulated through that observation - and you REDIRECT your Focus to something Wanted. When you redirect your Focus to something wanted, your feelings shift to a pleasant Vibe and then you hold that new pleasant Vibe for more than 17 seconds and BAM, Momentum starts to kick in. As the Momentum takes over, it’s easier and easier to stay in that higher Vibe! And then life starts to deliver experiences that reflect and support that new Vibration.

That was all well and good! But at that time, I had a lower Vibration active and a bevy of Manifestations in my life that were supporting/strengthening that Vibration. The Unwanted Manifestations encouraged me to feel very JUSTIFIED in feeling that lower Vibration. Zoinks! Feeling justified in a lower Vibration emanation makes the low Vibe feel VERY convincing. But if you believe in Law of Attraction, if you trust Abe, then you MUST become skeptical of your lower Vibes and skeptical of the presence of repetitive Unwanted Manifestations. There is no room for pride or righteous indignation when YOU are creating the very thing that is distressing you. Accepting and embracing the notion that you create your Reality is the only way to make progress. So I became determined to give “Pivoting” and “focusing on the Wanted rather than the Unwanted” a shot.

I became inspired to reflect on the content of my moment-to-moment thoughts and the feelings/Vibrations those thoughts produced. I took inventory of the content of my daily moment-to-moment thoughts and discovered that my thoughts about Unwanted aspects of my life were taking up a great deal of airtime. It became understandable to me then that I was creating the Unwanted Manifestations.

From that point, I was determined to Pivot when I noticed adult thoughts about Unwanted things arise. It became my impassioned intention to monitor my thoughts and to transform my mental landscape into a delicious buffet of thoughts about Wanted items.

To feel prepared for this mission, I actually decided to stock up on some Wanted aspects to think about! I called them my “Go-To Thoughts.” So if I caught myself drifting into Unwanted topics and lower Vibe feelings started emanating, I would simply select from my Go-To Thoughts (The name is now updated to “My Rolodex of Wanted Things to Think About!”) That would be my toolset for my Pivots.

As it so happened, I had some fun developments happening in my life at that time and was able to collect some Wanted thoughts from those areas. For example, several exciting new creative projects were emerging for me, lovely new friendships were developing. And I collected all of these goodies into my “Rolodex of Wanted Things to Think About.” I also had a lovely home, a wonderful husband, many luxuries, beautiful views, lovely weather… so many other goodies to store in my Rolodex. With my collection of Wanted items stockpiled, I proceeded to go about my day and Pivot anytime I noticed the Unwanted, low Vibe feelings activate. Like I mentioned, my Low Vibes/Unwanted thoughts revolved around “other people.” Feelings of obligation, pressure, people pleasing… that’s what I was working with in terms of Unwanted.

So here’s a sample of my internal monologue (thoughts) on a typical morning after my experiment began. This example is only a few minutes long and that’s all that’s necessary because I repeated the same exact process all day, every day!

Internal Monologue/Thoughts:

“I’m awake, let’s look for something to appreciate… the sun streaming through my pink curtains… so nice… the floor feels so good under my feet… the view of the city is lovely… going potty is very pleasant (it really is!)… The vibe here is Appreciation and Ease.

“Oh my goodness I might encounter that person today… Ugh… why do they act like that?!?!? How do I get myself into these situations?!?!” The vibe here is vulnerability, frustration, exasperation.

“Hold up… I’M DOING IT! I’m thinking about Unwanted! PIVOT!”

“Let me see… what’s in the Rolodex? Oh wow, I am so excited about that clay project I’ve been thinking about. I have all the most perfect materials and I am going to make it so beautiful! I think I’ll give it as a gift! Oh it’s so fun give gifts. And I just love that clay. It’s a material I never thought to use, but now I am so glad I did!” The vibe there is excitement, passion!

End Scene! LOL!

Honestly, I would just keep thinking about clay projects, or any other project, for like 15 minutes straight and then start the project. You see, the Momentum TAKES OVER! AND the Unwanted thought got so very little airtime. Less than 17 seconds. So with that one Pivot, I was making real progress towards decreasing Momentum around Unwanted and increasing Momentum towards Wanted. It’s really that subtle! And it’s super-duper effective.

Like I said, I repeated that process all day, every day and within a couple of weeks, ALL Unwanted Manifestations regarding “other people” TOTALLY fell away. Totally, totally, totally. And my life became more and more full of Wanted Manifestations. I began having SO MUCH FUN! The most fun I had to date at that time. (It’s even more fun NOW though! Eeeee!)

In another article I intend to write other yummy Pivot possibilities. I hope to see you there! It’s so fun and so heartening to connect around Law of Attraction techniques and reflections.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy your Pivots! Enjoy your Wanted Manifestations! Enjoy your Expansion!

I love Law of Attraction! And I love YOU!

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