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Agency of Focus - The Ultimate Superpower

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

If you can direct your focus you have the power to determine the quality of your life.

Most people are compelled to how/where they focus their attention rather than selecting. It’s as though many of us are blown about inside of our thoughts and emotions based on what we are observing and never realize we can establish firm footing in thoughts and emotions that enhance quality of life and make life so lovely. Intending and selecting where we focus our attention is noble, sexy, complete self-awareness, self-possessedness and mastery.

Think of it this way. Do you have an adorable pet that fills your heart with joy? (If you don’t then just pretend for the sake of this illustration.) You look into your pet’s eyes, and stroke your pet, and feel joy and so much love. Now pretend you have a radio playing next to you with very annoying sounding commercials, or a song that you do not like, and think about how that feels inside. A grumbling irritation within you wells up. And you want it to shut UP!

Now, with the radio still playing, direct your focus wholly to your pet. Feel that love begin filling your heart and the irritation becomes less emphasized because you have shifted your focus. However there may still be flickers of lingering irritation as the radio is droning on next to you. Breathe and continue to focus wholly on your pet, let your love for your pet fill, fill, fill you until you are beaming with that love. And the radio is still playing, but you no longer care. You are now fully experiencing the love regardless of the radio. You are free from any influence of that noise and feeling so much beauty inside.

In fact, once you are fully brimming with love, when you turn your attention back to the radio sounds and it cannot provoke any irritation from you, your thoughts will be of a very different quality. Instead of irritation and feeling compelled to make the sound stop, you’ll be inclined to appreciate aspects that wouldn’t occur to an irritated mind. Thoughts like “This musician must be so happy to be having success in the music industry!” “These people making commercials… what an exciting and interesting job! I wonder what all of the production entails.“ “Radio is such a fascinating capability. We are so fortunate to have so many avenues for entertainment and enrichment in this time/space reality!” You might still not prefer that song and will simply change it, but there is a peaceful, easy, loving quality regarding that choice, rather than feeling irritated and compelled.

That is an example of directing your focus - Agency of Focus. It is a small example, but it is a big key in determining life experience in general. Honestly, you could just turn the radio off due to irritation, but many things in life don’t offer that feature! And if you are in the grips of compulsion regarding thoughts/feelings, that is a habit of mind that effects everything and diminishes your power and life experience. Agency of Focus is so very powerful/empowering and a big key to living a liberated, fulfilling life experience based on genuine intention rather than default mental/emotional programming. Responsive vs reactionary, unconditional vs conditional, liberated from the influence of conditions vs subjugated to external influence.

Personally, I diligently developed the capacity to direct my focus to all that feels good, great, amazing, lovely, delightful, fulfilling. I direct my focus to joy, to beauty and kindness. I attend to appreciation, joy, celebration. Care to join me? I’ll see you here, with my beloved pets!

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